No, not Mia Farrow, Missing in Action. As in, me and this blog. As previously mentioned, I had been battling cold symptoms for about a week and then, around Monday night, Ash started feeling the plague coming on as well. He came home halfway through Tuesday and on Wednesday morning, we both decided to stay home. Ah, but not before dropping Elliot off at daycare. What’s that sound? Oh, nothing. Hey, did you hear Elliot crying? No, he’s at daycare, remember? Oh yeah… ZZZZZ. So I got about two and a half hours before I had to pump the first time. Then we ate tomato soup and grilled cheese while bundled up in blankets on the couch. It was really kind of nice to spend the day with Ash at home. Granted, we were both hacking up a lung and blowing our noses repeatedly. But still.

So I came back to work yesterday and there was indeed a bunch of stuff waiting for me. But the day went quickly because I had to trek all over campus and then I attended a lecture on teaching later on in the afternoon. Before I knew it, 5 o’clock.

I have to tell you, some days, when I get home, I am so excited to see Elliot. I don’t think I really allow myself to miss him during the day but once I see his little smile – almost shy – I remember how in love I am with that little kid. And he had a great night last night: playful, happy, content. Went to sleep around 10, woke up at 1:30 then again at 5:30. This is a huge improvement over the past three weeks when he’s just been going through an awful sleeping phase. And a lot of that was what caused me to get so run down and take a day off work.

But look: it’s Friday! Almost the weekend. Almost time to sit back, relax… HA! Who am I kidding? We still haven’t taken our Christmas lights down. We have a boatload of household things to attend to this weekend and without football, that just might be an attainable goal. Happy Friday, party peoples.

3 thoughts on “MIA

  1. Yay for Fridays. The one nice thing about going back to work : Fridays have become my favorite day.

    I don’t have the plague as an excuse for not blogging. My excuse is Halo…which makes me lame 🙂

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