Happy end of 2007

Is this year over already? Where did it all go? Oh, that’s right: I spent the better part of it being pregnant and then after that, learning the ropes of motherhood. Ridiculous! As my cousin said, he never thought I’d be married and having kids before himself; he just turned 30.

The funeral for my grandfather was… nice. People said some really great things about the man: about how he was generous and determined, intelligent and purpose-driven. He played on an undefeated football team in high school, flew planes in World War II, raised a family, had a bunch of grandchildren and ten great grandchildren. He slipped me hundred dollar bills when I went to visit him during college. He was a good man who lived a long, successful life. He will be missed.

Today involves much cleaning and trying to somehow piece my life back together. Not because of the family death but because we’ve had so many people come through here. Plus, we’re having some people over tonight for a New Year’s thingy. I don’t know; I don’t plan on having all that good of a time, since SOMEone has to watch the baby and you know it’s going to be me.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a safe and happy new year; don’t drink too much so you can enjoy the first day of 2008.

One thought on “Happy end of 2007

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your grandfather. He sounds like a hell of a guy. Good luck with adjusting to being back at work, and I hope Elliot enjoys daycare!

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