Post-holiday blahs

Did I mention that I completely lost my voice on Christmas day? I started having a cough Friday night and it all began from there: sore throat, congestion and finally, having to whisper. On Christmas Eve, I could talk but I was hoarse and it sounded awful. On that night, however, I got about an hour reprieve because my Brother-in-law’s girlfriend wanted to go to church.

She has one of those conflicted families: her father is Catholic and her mother, Lutheran. Traditionally, they went to Christmas Eve mass at the Lutheran Church and on the 25th, at the Catholic mass. She did some research and found a Lutheran church that was of the sect that allows anyone to worship so the three of us attended the 7:30 candlelight service. It was… interesting. I have to say that it felt like a stripped down version of a Catholic mass. Certainly not as much sitting, standing and kneeling and they cut out a lot of the responses that typically come after readings and other prompts. But I had a good time and I felt spiritually moved; an emotion I have not felt in quite some time. Not since I really stopped going to church. At the end of the service, everyone lit candles and sang “Oh, Holy night”. Very cool.

Today, I ran a bunch of errands including buying the hoses and other parts for the breast pump (so I can back to work next week) and buying a top to wear to my grandfather’s funeral on Sunday. All my tops are summer-ish and low necklines. Not exactly funeral appropriate. Made out like a bandit at Kohls; I deem it my new favorite place, well, aside from Target. Nothing bumps Target from the top of my list.

One of my good friends sent us a 25 dollar Fresh Market gift card and I’m itching to use it. Except, I have no desire to go running about town with the kid in tow, and Ash and his brother just left to go shopping. I have a feeling he’s buying Rock Band. Ash just likes to spend money. Although, as soon as I started messing with my new camera I felt compelled to buy a protective skin for it.  Of course, Ash talked me out of it, saying I was only feeling like spending money because I have it. Sigh. I told him the same rules apply to him and not to buy Rock Band.  But he’s got free reign, you know?

Anyway, I am going to get some things done while little Elly finally rests. Hope everyone’s holidays went/are going well!

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