I have waved goodbye to the Christmas feeling; now all that’s left is the setting up of new gifts like my Brookstone Weather thingy, this nifty game called Ladderball, and my life-sized Maurice Jones-Drew Fathead poster. Also, I’ve only just begun to explore my newest camera: the Canon Powershot SD850. I have the 550 so it’s an upgrade for sure. It was the most unexpected gift, aside from all the stuff Ash got me: apple corer, spice rack, crock pot, etc. He really hit the jackpot on random but useful gifts. He knows how much I like gifts that have a use – I hate pointless crap. Ok ok, that’s not always true. I also got this nifty Jack Skellington bobble head thing.

I also say goodbye to my grandfather today. He passed early this morning at 88 years old. When I was a little girl, he held sardines in his hand for me to eat, and poured me sweet tea in a little orange cup. He drove all the grandkids out to the fireworks store and loaded us up for the new year. He would pull you aside and give you little butterscotch candies in between meals. Granted, he also always asked why I didn’t wear dresses or enter beauty pageants like my cousins, told me to lose weight constantly and ragged on everyone. But he was a kind man at heart and I am sorry that I no longer have paternal grandparents. (My grandmother died in 2002). He is the grey-haired smiley guy in the middle:


4 thoughts on “Goodbye

  1. Claire, I’m so sorry about your grandfather. I knew he was sick but I’m sorry to hear that he passed away. Let me know if I can do anything.

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