Random, cheaters

I’d like to revisit my prior complaint about holiday traffic/stress for a moment. I tried to drive a mere 1.5 miles from my house and sat in traffic the whole way. I have to wonder why these people aren’t at work, earning the money they’ll inevitably need to pay their phenomenal credit card bills after Christmas. Once I got to my destination – Borders – I had to drive ’round and ’round for the lot was full. Elliot didn’t really allow me much time so I left empty handed. As I got back to my car, I noticed that the couple parked beside me just got in and was about to open their doors. So, since with my Element I have to have both doors open and then put the kid in, I set down the baby seat and waited a sec. I glanced at the car beside me, sort of stared beyond it at the traffic, and was then caught off guard by the middle-aged black man in the car who yelled, “What the fuck you lookin’ at?”

Uh, huh? Taken aback, I sort of sputtered out a reply to the effect of, I thought you guys were getting out and I was letting you go first. He grumbled something, threw something at his wife, and then they both got out and slammed their respective doors. Some things I will never understand, I suppose.

On a tangent, I’m ever so proud of my school right now. ::Rolls eyes with sarcasm::


Not that they would have won a bowl game anyway; we haven’t been good since 1999. Good thing I was here to witness their one last hurrah as a great football team.


2 thoughts on “Random, cheaters

  1. Can I share in the ranting with you? Speaking of cheaters, I had to give a student a 0 on an essay that was worth 25% of his grade for plagiarism this semester. I then gave the whole class a bonus opportunity for which they had to use 2 print sources. He used internet sources so he got very little extra credit. He has now emailed me THREE times today begging for me to raise his grade and berating me for giving him such a low grade on the BONUS assignment. Are you freaking kidding me? Shut up! Sheesh. My holiday spirit is really on low today…

  2. Once grades post tomorrow I can almost guarantee that I too will have some angry emails. Some of my students ended up with grades far lower because they failed to do the journals (25%) and the workshop responses (20%). When 45% of your grade is gone, it doesn’t matter what you got on your essays!

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