My mind is all over the place about things I could write about. There’s the  shopping we did today (Ash talked me into buying bras and a sweater; I won’t even begin to intimate how much I spent), and last night’s little get-together (Guitar Hero; I didn’t play but did beat everyone at Super Puzzle Fighter), and my research papers for the online class that still need to be graded. Oh, and the fact that Elliot is almost ::gasp:: 12 weeks old. When did that happen? Just days ago he was the shifty-eyed little alien that had just burst forth from my nether regions.

There’s that old friend I ran into who told me that my old boss from CompUSA – the one whose work I did anyway – finally got fired. Oh, and that the sales manager, formerly tech bench manager, also got fired. He was one of the few people left there worth going to see.

Also, has anyone noticed that Thanksgiving doesn’t exist anymore? That’s right; even though next week most of us will gather with family and consume massive amounts of turkey, mashed potatoes and various forms of stuffing (or dressing), it has all but disappeared as an event as far as retailers are concerned. And that’s sad, really sad. The only reason all that Christmas shit comes out early is so that the big companies can make more money, as if they didn’t already have more than anyone really needs.

Ok, I have much more to write about but the baby’s feeding needs trump all other activities these days.

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