Elliot is between clothing sizes. Also, diaper sizes. In the beginning, he was a small baby, coming home at only six pounds, three ounces. He wore Pampers Swaddlers size N, for newborn and I believe they went up to 8 or 9 pounds. Well, he hit 10 pounds and his little legs – which finally added some bulk – were squeezing out of those diapers. So we moved onto Swaddlers size 1. Well, those are too big because the first time he wore them and I put him in his little papasan seat… let’s suffice it to say I had to wash a baby and do laundry. He’s sort of fitting into them now but I fear for each surface upon which his butt rests.

Clothing-wise, most of the onesies that say 0-3 months are getting to be difficult to button. Yet others are still ok. Some of the garage sale things we got that are size M (Carters) are still too huge but the size S are leaving him with sleeves too short but still fit length-wise. The same goes for pants in terms of length. Any 0-3 month pants are a little too small in the waist but the right length. So 3-6 months are just all disproportionate. And I suppose this is why I just shouldn’t buy him anything right now. Except I did. Our brand new Kohl’s opened and he got this and a little plaid shirt that will also match those pants. Since it was opening day, everything was 50% off; I saved a buttload on that stuff so I don’t even feel bad. Besides, he’ll have to grow another two inches for those pants to not fit and he has grown two and a half inches since birth.

I think we’re good to go.

2 thoughts on “Transitional

  1. One word: Huggies

    I found that Huggies brand held in the “stuff” much better. Less leakage and they run smaller too. Even though the sizes say they are the same between brands, they aren’t. Also, the Target brand isn’t that bad. I would use these during the day (change more frequently and are WAY cheaper) and then the Huggies at night.

    As for the clothes…pretty soon you will wash them at the beginning of the week and by the end of the week the cute little outfit won’t fit. That is such a bummer when that happens. Hunter really slowed down, growth wise, around 8 months. I knew then it was safe to buy a cute outfit and know he would get at least 2 months use out of it!

  2. Thanks! I had heard Target brand wasn’t bad but have yet to try them. We’re working on a ginormous box of the Pampers but when they are gone, we’ll be trying something new.

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