Is anyone else still having trouble adjusting to Daylight Savings time? I’ve been on this earth 28, almost 29 years, and I still hate to look out my window at 6:30 PM and see that the sun has already set, leaving each of the neighboring houses to employ artificial light and feel like it is later than it is. We end up eating really early and then the rest of the night drags on and on.

I just changed my wireless plan. I keep going over my allotted 200 texts a month because a.) Ash has a Blackberry now so if I don’t feel like turning on my computer and using AIM, I just use it through my phone and b.) my mother and I text constantly during each week’s episode of Kid Nation. I know that sounds silly but what would be sillier would be us talking during the episode, like two teenage girls watching TV and talking about it. Didn’t you do that as a teenager? We used to sit on the phone and watch Jerry Springer.

Every day I try to do one thing differently; make a change. Today, I sat down to write out some character notes. I felt really good when I got about two paragraphs down. I haven’t actively written in months.

6 thoughts on “Adjustments

  1. Yay for the writing! And you’re not the only one adjusting to DST. What was worse was this weekend when I visited KY. I was in Central Time, but very close to the Central/Eastern Time Zone line, so it literally was dark by 5:15. Craziness! I used to live there and yet I can not imagine driving home from work at 5 in complete darkness. So now 6:45 doesn’t seem so bad:)

  2. My dogs do the same thing. As a matter of fact, they are staring at me right now… It’s more annoying than its worth !! And since we are so far north now, we have a sun sets at 4:40 today! 🙂

  3. Actually it goes down even earlier out here…. I think sunset is at 4:40PM. I get out of work and it literally looks like it’s midnight.

  4. I wish they would just stay at the same time, maybe halfway between Savings and Standard. We are also on the border between Eastern and Central – in fact, IN only recently went to following Savings Time, everyone thought they would go Central, but the GOV decided otherwise. So in the summer it’s light until almost 10 pm, and now it gets dark around 5. Hrrumph.

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