Of backhoes and sewers

The City has decided that we need new updated sewer lines. This means about seven trucks of various sizes and engine decibel levels have invaded the half block from my house to the end of the street. Well, at least that’s where they are for now – it’s a 3-4 week project according to the flier they put ON THE MAILBOX IN A RAINSTORM. We pieced it together and found this all out. They started last Friday. They begin at 8 AM, jackhammering about a six by six square in the road where they connect to the main. Then they destroy a corner of everyone’s lot – be it grass or driveway – and put in the new line. Then they pack the destruction full of red clay and tamp it down. I sure as hell hope they plan on coming back through and returning each little area back to its original form. I’m going to be a pretty unhappy camper if they don’t.

According to the notice, they have asked us to please refrain from using the sewer services while they work on our home. I assume this means not to take a dump for an entire day or two while they’ve got things ripped up. Um, are they going to provide me a port-o-potty in the meantime? I don’t think so. And I’ll continue to use my commode, thanks.

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