Idiot box

There are very few television shows that, as an adult, I can say I truly like. (I disclaimed with “adult” since as a kid, tv is like a god and you watch it without thinking). The stations are saturated these days with skeezy reality shows where the ultimate goal involves either obscene amounts of money or cheating on your significant other. And we certainly don’t need another crime drama; you feel me, OMG they’re everywhere! (And what is with that Numb3rs show? Numb three R’s we call it).

But I can say that two shows really stand out in my mind as works of brilliance.  In the drama department, ER is truly a great accomplishment. Recent episodes are starting to wain, however, since all original writers have jumped ship but in its day, that show was amazing. I can honestly say that almost every episode I watch leaves me crying or at least emotionally drained by the time the credits roll. It was far more dynamic than any soap opera and I think it was usually well cast. I worried when George left because really, he was one of their defining factors for popularity but the show managed to keep its quality even still.

In the sitcom department Friends remains one of the funniest, most realistic and smartest shows I’ve ever seen. When it was new, I didn’t want to watch it because everyone was all about it and at that time in my life, my major goal was to against the grain. In college, we started watching old episodes and once the DVDs started coming out, we went through a season in two nights, back to back episodes and a lot of soda and frozen pizza into the wee morning hours. I really think this show remains one of the funniest ever. You know you love a show when you incorporate the lives of television characters into your everyday banter with friends. I could probably recite half the episodes to you. Sick, you know?

Since I have been homebound with the little one, TV has become old reliable during his naptimes. Before, my total weekly viewing hours totaled maybe three or four. Now I’m hitting probably 15 to 20. I don’t want to watch this much television. It’s mindless and makes time pass quickly and before you know it, you’ve done absolutely nothing productive. What do you think about TV, people? Good, bad, neutral?

3 thoughts on “Idiot box

  1. I barely watch it since I got that xbox media center. I just download a bunch of shit to watch later. Unless it’s discovery channel and mythbusters is on… oh yeah.

  2. I don’t actually have a TV over here, but last season I made sure to download new episodes of House. Keeps me sane AND facilitates conversation between family members who are now hooked on the show. I will say though that when I was in the States for the summer, my dad had the TV on almost all day and sometimes I just had to lock myself in a quiet room for a few hours to get away from all the CRAP. (didn’t help that most of the time it was tuned in to Fox news). Now that I’m moving house again, I might end up with a television, so we’ll see what I think about the strange British shows over here (and stranger commercials).

  3. I remember seeing a movie in London (Brotherhood of the Wolf – hork!) but I remember they played some really weird commercials beforehand. Far more entertaining than what we have here before our movies.

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