Me Grimlock no like you

Ok so, amidst all the stuff we managed to do this weekend, I am only about 100 pages away from finishing HP. It has never taken me this long to finish one of her books but I guess I am just ridiculously busy!

On Saturday, we rose at our normal weekly time (6:15) to meet up with some friends to go garage saling. We kept meaning to do this – talked about it all the time – but never had the impetus. Well, I’d say we did pretty well. The very first house we hit had a ton of Transformers, none of which Ash purchased but I found a second generation (Grimlock) for 50 cents and had to get him. He is by far my favorite. As we drove through the areas of Killearn (the uppity sort of places) we found various items like underwater creature figurines, a pumpkin costume (!!), another baby gate for only 2 bucks, and some random baby things. The very last place we hit happened to be two moms who were getting rid of all their baby stuff. Jackpot! We got a high chair, baby bath, and a bag full of clothes that was only 5 bucks. Sure, I wish, like most moms, that I could buy my son everything new and cute and Gap… but hand me downs work just as well for a kid who will a.) outgrow them in 3 months and b.) puke/crap/spill food all over them.

After the hours of thirfty shopping, we went to Cracker Barrel and after all that, I was exhausted. One thing I am noticing as I’m coming into the final weeks of pregnancy, is that I wear out a lot quicker. Sigh. SO I napped, for a couple hours. Then I cleaned, for a couple hours. Then Ash went out to play video games with some people and I just stayed home to read in my new nursery chair.

This is the last week of summer session and – honestly – I am ready to be rid of my students. I really liked them at first but somewhere along the way they got cocky; they started to feel comfortable with campus and their social status and then they turned into little monsters.

And now, I am going to get myself in order, hope that today is the last day I’ll use this back up computer, and then get something to drink. Oh, and THEN I will do some work. How was everyone’s weekend?

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