Cheese with your whine?

I am not in a pleasant mood right now. Blame it on incoherency on the part of others and the simple lack of decency to tell people things. Oh and I want ice cream. The sweets cravings have sort of tapered off in this third trimester but after Mexican food, ice cream always sounds good.

On a more positive note, not a single person called me in the almost 3 hours I was away from my desk. This is a good sign. Four hours until class starts and in that time, I have no idea what I am going to do. I really need a nap. Pregnancy + poor sleeping due to pregnancy is just sucking my will to live… some days. Other days I feel fine and dandy, ready to push on through any task. Maybe it’s just Friday at the end of a pretty busy week. Maybe it’s my bad mood. Maybe I just want to go home!

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