Grumbly and annoyed

I walked into work feeling sad, for some unknown reason. It could be the impending Gigantic Amount Of Work I have. Like, in two weeks. Summer session will begin and I will be busier than I have been in a very long time. Childbirth classes will start, I’ll be working long hours, and I’ll be enormous. Not to mention that it’s incredibly hot and humid in this town right now. It’s always depressing to wake up to 100% humidity and 89 degree temps.

I guess I’m feeling kind of burned out lately, even though the hard part has yet to begin. I doubt a vacation would help, or even a day off. I’d just feel like I should be cleaning or doing something productive. Maybe I’m at the stage of pregnancy where’s a woman gets sort of bored/frustrated. It’s not close enough – to either end – to be excited. Although, in one week we have our Women’s Pavilion tour, then on the 26th we have the 3d/4d ultrasound. Now that should be fairly entertaining. I’ll be sure to post those pics on flickr. Hopefully little Elly will cooperate and do some cool stuff.

So, what can I do to cheer up?

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