A rant and a rave

On Monday, I met with a friend to have a drink (nonalcoholic of course!) at one of Tallahassee’s newest hang-outs, the Coffee Pub. I’ve been a few times and I like their coffee and the atmosphere. This time, my friend and I sat on a couch and went about with our usual chatter: jobs, school, baby, etc. About an hour into our little visit, a guy turned on the 60 inch flat screen that is not normally active. I figured he was just going to watch the news, as so many establishments like this allow studiers and java addicts to do. He kept turning the volume up more and more, and eventually, other hippie-like people began to draw up chairs and gather to watch whatever seemed to be the big thing. As the sound got louder and the bearded, organic clothes wearing people talked more and more, my friend and I had to talk over them. It was beginning to bug me.

The whole thing came to a grinding halt when one guy approached us and asked if we could move outside to talk, because they wanted to watch the television. I turn to look at said screen and I realized that they were watching some “Faith based politics” debate between Obama and Hillary. The guy also said there was a sign, as I protested that we were in a place that is designed for people to meet and talk, hence, I didn’t think we would have to move for them to watch something they could see at home. (Especially because it seemed sort of cultish-religion creepiness anyway; I’m all for separation of Church and State here people). The guy continued to insist that because there was a sign on the door (which, by the way, was about 3×5 amidst some other signs for Christian rock bands, shopping locally, etc) they had the right to ask us to move. I then informed him that I thought they were very lame and that I’d probably not be coming back to their establishment. They didn’t care; they were too busy pretending to be involved in the presidential hopefuls. Come on now people, you know those people don’t care about you!

So, Coffee Pub, negative points for you.

On a happier note: my awesome neighbours – Nancy and Smitty – invited me to dinner last night. I had mentioned Ash was out of town and they were frying up some grouper they’d caught last time they went fishing. Their friend was installing new windows for them so he and his wife and their 4 and a half month old daughter were also there. That was pretty awesome. The girl is my age so we talked a lot about babies and stuff; she was pretty easy to talk to. You know how some people talk to you like they’ve known you forever? Yeah, it was like that. So we played with the baby and ate grouper fingers and throats (yes, grouper throats), french fries and salad. They sent me home with some leftovers, a cupcake (it was their 19th anniversary), and a rose from the bunches they had set up throughout the house. My neighbours are truly nice people and that was an unexpected nice night.

I didn’t sleep well though. I kept having amazingly real dreams that made me feel like I hadn’t gotten a wink of sleep. When I awoke this morning, I felt like a Mac truck had run me over, backed up, and come back for more. So I trekked across Landis green to the library where sweet nectar of the caffeine gods awaited at the Starbucks kiosk. However, it’s making me feel sort of hungry, even though I ate a bowl of cereal earlier. I promised myself I wouldn’t spend any money today but we’ll see; I cave easily. I need to save said money because Father’s Day is coming up and I want to buy Ash something ” first time daddy” related. Any suggestions?

8 thoughts on “A rant and a rave

  1. That coffee place sounds very strange. You should have pulled a “Hail Satan” right there….

    Suggestions for Daddy’s Day… hmm… a firetruck? (I’m at a loss here)

  2. You should find Gummi Daddies! They make everything a gummy….
    Gummy colas used to be my favorite…
    Oooohh and the cherries!

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