Slackers, scrambled eggs, and Night Ranger?

You know it’s going to be a weird day when I get into my car in the morning and two out of my six XM presets are playing Night Ranger… at the same time. (Different song too, neither of which were ‘Sister Christian’.) ANYway, I am tediously trying to convert a scanned PDF image to a Word document because someone in our department – without naming names – sort of left me with the task. I don’t mind necessarily, but it is not just an easy click and it goes sort of job. In fact, if today were, say, a Tuesday, I’d probably have given up and thrown something at the wall by now. But Mondays I can tolerate.

During Ash’s brief overlay at home before going back to Orlando for TechED (or whatever; Thanks a ton, Microsoft. ::rolls eyes::), we spent some pretty good time together. He took me to breakfast on Saturday at Jenny’s Lunchbox, which was oh-so yummy. I love breakfast foods but rarely eat them. We then went shopping for clothes for him, which, let me tell you, is an occurrence once in a blue moon. He has to be really ready to buy clothes. Luckily, we were quite successful at both Dillards and Macys. We then went to Publix to stock me up for the week. Eating like you’re single is weird to me. I mean, I ate a personal pizza yesterday. I’m just not used to that, you know? But I did make myself some pad thai last night and that was damn tasty.

He and I watched the (bastardized) movie version of “Diamonds are Forever”, and I kept feeling like they must have combined plots from that book and another of Fleming’s novels because the beginning and end of the movie follow the book but the middle is so… completely… different. Plus, I couldn’t help but see Charles Gray as anything other than the criminologist in Rocky Horror. Yes, somehow that movie has surfaced in my journal twice in a one week span. Scary. We also went to Marble Slab for desert and decided that Cold Stone is better, and nothing beats Brusters.

Ash headed off again by noon yesterday and I took the dogs for a playdate. A few pictures have been uploaded to flickr. They had a pretty good time; got to swim (well, as close to it as they get, which is laying on the first step when they get overheated), they learned a few agility standards, and ate lots of bits of sausage, hotdog, and chicken nuggets. That’s a treat for them because in my house, no people food.  Luckily, this also tired them out for the rest of the night. Heh heh.

I have some errands to run today during lunch and sometime this week, I am SO treating myself to the new Sonic rootbeer float. The commercial says it’s only 99 cents but our has a sign boasting it at 89 cents. Ooh, save that dime. For now, I must get back to work. Slave, toil, endless tasks!

2 thoughts on “Slackers, scrambled eggs, and Night Ranger?

  1. I’m not a fan of the rootbeer float. I’d rather have a Coke or Dr. Pepper float.

    Speaking of cheap food, if you get in the mood for something easy and greasy, the Taco Bell spicy beef and cheese quesadilla is a tasty steal at under a buck fifty.

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