Swinging on the moods

Blah. I suddenly feel terribly blue, down, depressed, woeful, etc. It is noon, lunchtime, and I am not sure what I want. Well, what I really wanted was to go out to lunch at the invitation of husband and friends but alas, I sacrifice my lunch to teach English to the youth of America. I know I know, I’m so selfless! I’m a fabulous person who deserves a pat on the back! Ok, not really. But you can see what kind of smart-ass sarcastic mood I am in. The question is: do I want to eat the shit Mexican on campus or take a little walk to the union to eat even crappier food? I DID get back into my office a bit early from class so – technically – I have 10 minutes to spare. Eh, I’ll probably just suck it up and eat a shitty burrito.

And soon because I think I’m cranky due to lack of food. I ate a bagel at 7:40 and a Special K 90 calorie breakfast bar at about 9:45.

What are you guys eating? I’m obsessed with food lately, what can I say?

4 thoughts on “Swinging on the moods

  1. I had vodka cream sauce (super spicy, super garlic-y) on neato wheat noodles and veggie balls (instead of meat balls —- which honestly sounds gross)…and now I have a very unhappy stomach. I think I’m becoming lactose intolerant. I would like to cry now.

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