Freshman 15

In college, there’s this idea of the “Freshmen fifteen”, which is the supposed 15 pounds you gain from eating like garbage because of meal plans and fast food accessibility. For my 1102 class’s final projects, out of 6 groups, 4 did this topic. WTF? They were supposed to pick something – an aspect of being in the Tallahassee/FSU community that bombards us every day. I guess the fact that so many people chose to deconstruct this proves the power of this idea and how much eating is a part of the college student’s life. It also made me so glad I don’t eat fast food anymore. Blech.

When I was a freshman, I think I lost about 5-6 pounds because I ate so little. I remember not having enough money to eat out a lot but I didn’t want to tell my mom to send more money. It wasn’t until my sophomore and junior years that I really packed on the pounds. Man, we ate like total pigs and probably worse than the food slopped in the pig trough, truthfully. I gave no thought to what sorts of nutrients I was feeding my body. Two cheeseburgers, a large fry, large coke and a McFlurry? Sure, maybe even twice a day. All the presentations were really good but still, I wish I had allotted more time for them b/c last semester, I had a day set aside for the groups to see what everyone else was choosing for their topic. This would have helped tremendously.

I really really look forward to summer when I can teach 1101 again and get back into the creative strand of freshmen English. Oh how I do prefer it to the critical research class.

I have a big project that I could be working on if only I could get a list of names. Apparently this list of names is difficult to procure because no one knows what the hell I mean. Rather, they know but don’t remember or no longer have this info in their hands. Sigh. I want to have these grad packets sent out by Friday but at this rate, I don’t know. It isn’t too hard once I get it going.

Random: damn I’m good at unjamming the copier. Efficient is more appropriate.

3 thoughts on “Freshman 15

  1. Copiers, fax machines and net work connections are my specialty.

    Fast food makes me ill. I still long for the occasional Frostie and fries… mmmm … frosty!

  2. I rarely have fast food, but when I do, ooh it’s so tasty.

    I sort of miss the late night Waffle House and Steak N Shake runs that were some of the high points of my college career.

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