Professional Painter 101

This entry is going to do something different today. It will be one in which photos should be but won’t be until after lunch. So look for the pic prompts then return later to see the actual photos.

The weekend was productive and different than most. For one, the weather made a drastic change, beginning late Friday night and on into most of Saturday with high winds, occasional torrential downpours and general debris spreading across my lawn and deck. We awoke relatively early Saturday to acquire painting supplies to begin painting the soon-to-be nursery.


I chose Disney paint only because they had a color I really liked, which is appropriately named “Thoughtful Spot.” The paint went on light, dried dark, then dried even more as a lighter shade, which was was I had hoped for. I’m not good at photographing my own house, as you can see, but you get the gist of the color this way.


Saturday night we briefly hung out with some old friends after having gone to the mall and the movie theater. Do NOT see Pathfinder. This is a perfect example of how a preview can make a true piece of crap look decent. I was intrigued, reeled in, but supremely disappointed. I haven’t seen anything this bad in a long time. I’ll even admit that The Illusionist was better and I despised that movie. Ash and I felt like we wasted a lot of good time waiting for the movie and then actually staying for that movie. But I couldn’t bring myself to walk out. After all, I did pay $7 freakin’ .50 for it.

On Sunday I touched up the base boards and door frames in the room and it’s amazing what a new coat of white paint can do for a room. Truly a miracle! We went out to lunch with some friends and from there, well, I thought I deserved something for all my hard work in the nursery. Once Ash figured out how accurate I was at applying that blue tape and painting, he pretty much handed the project over to me. Which is cool because there have been multiple home improvements that he’s done where I couldn’t really help. You know, like under the sink, and I certainly won’t be getting on the roof and scraping off any shingles. SO, I went and got myself a pedicure. I wish I had gotten the guy’s name because out of the 4times I have been to “Diamond Nailz”, he’s given – by far – the best foot and calf massage. The one girl spoke the best English and we talked about having kids but this guy had the magic fingers.

I’m still sort of sleepy today even though I slept plenty and well. Perhaps it’s the Mondays. Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s pretty cold outside. Either way, what did y’all do this weekend?

3 thoughts on “Professional Painter 101

  1. While you’re on a painting spree, would you like to come finish my apartment? I have my living room and spare ‘oom done (sans a few touch-ups), as well as one hallway. I need to do my bedroom, the other hallway, and (God forbid) the kitchen. Any takers?

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