we’ve reached mid-week

The song I recommend today is: “Miracles” by Jefferson Starship

The drink I recommend today is: V8 fusion, strawberry-banana

The informative website I recommend today is: Copyblogger

Those were some random bits of info I wanted to pass along. It’s early still and the brain has yet to reach full-functioning level. In a little bit, I have to go upstairs to work on some job-related stuff. I like Wednesdays; they’re better than Tuesdays which, to me, feel like the armpit of the week. Mondays are tolerable and Wednesday is “hell, the week’s half over” day. Thursdays are tough like Tuesday but not quite as cruddy. And we don’t even need to say how Friday is.

Birthday recap: I woke up yesterday and totally forgot that it was my own birthday. I’d say it was about 20 minutes into my day that it hit me. Work was pretty dull but a lot of people sent well-wishes. I decided to leave at 3 because, well, because it was my day, dammit, and I wanted to take a good long nap. I only ended up napping for about 25 minutes though. Ash got home and we went to FGF for dinner. It was actually really good. Ash had a sirloin and I got fried group on top of a bed of collard greens, on a bed of cheese grits. Yummy! Afterwards we went in search of desert. I ended up getting a slice of chocolate cake with buttercream frosting. It was the closest to birthday cake I could get without buying an entire cake, which I really don’t need. I was going to watch Casino Royale again but I ended up on the phone a bunch and then Ash and I took our two mile walk with the dogs, which is much better than sitting on my ass being a lousy fangirl.

On today’s agenda:

  • Tidy up office
  • Make sure little tasks have been caught up on
  • Start grading research papers
  • do laundry
  • begin operation “clean house before mom comes”
  • Write one page of non-fiction

2 thoughts on “we’ve reached mid-week

  1. I have that V8 fusion every morning with my breakfast. I has a happy flavor and it makes me smile.

    I was just reading copyblogger this morning. Scary.

    is the one page of nonfiction for you?

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