Another notch in the post

I don’t know what it is about me and birthdays but I am always sort of down. I know for sure it isn’t the getting older part. As stated before, you cannot stop the march of time. It’s partly that fact that I don’t crave attention and when everyone keeps wishing me a happy birthday, I somehow feel so indebted to them or guilty for it being “my time”. But gosh, shouldn’t it be some other way? Shouldn’t I feel excited and celebrate in the fact that I’ve made it 28 years on this planet – in this world – where it’s not all that easy to make your way and sometimes people get shafted from the get-go? I’ve been pretty blessed all my life and that, in part, contributes to my inability to stop and be grateful for it all. So from right now on, I’m going to take this day as a time to be thankful for everything and to just be me.

I began by apologizing to my class. They seemed so disinterested and then I took that as a sign to give up instead of what a good teacher would do: make it interesting so that we can work together as a team and get through the semester a little wiser, a little more aware of ourselves. They really liked that I did that; I also told them I was pregnant and they were all pretty excited about that. I only kept them for half an hour and they appreciated that too.

Since I am usually in class until 9, I decided to treat myself to breakfast at the Suwanee room. I usually just get the under-the-heat lamp eggs (which are actually good), a hashbrown and a sausage patty, maybe some fruit. But today I went all out and made a belgian waffle. That was a tasty way to start my day too. I never ever eat waffles or pancakes. In fact, I can think of two times that Ash has eaten them (and he hates breakfast foods of most sorts with the exception of eggs). So now, at 9 AM, I am writing some emails, waiting for my boss to get in so we can work on updating a list.

How’s everyone else doing today?


8 thoughts on “Another notch in the post

  1. Not to make you feel indebted, but happy birthday 🙂

    And don’t apologize to those fuckers too much… they’ll start taking advantage of you

  2. Happy happy birthday!

    Why feel bad about it being your day?? I think you should do all you can to make it your day and keep rollin’ till 11:59:59 tonight!

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