What’s with today today?

Sigh. To start this glorious day, my students didn’t give two shits about the assignment in class, which – I thought – would be really fun. To add to this day, I had to make an appointment with a plumber because out kitchen sink is stopping up. Then, an upper level faculty member couldn’t make it to class so she had the 4th floor people set up her class with a movie. Except those people have no idea how to use technology so I had to help. That was ok except that I realized that students – on any level – just don’t care. It’s the trend today I guess.

I’ve got a headache and I can’t seem to focus. I think I’m hungry but it goes back and forth in my brain and my stomach, flip-flopping from starvation to total aversion. Sucky, I tell you. But on a more positive note, it’s already 11:15 and I feel like I just got here. This is a good sign.

5 thoughts on “What’s with today today?

  1. My mother sent me this french drug (she got it from Canada) made by Pfizer that I think might be working, it takes 24 hours to work but works for 24 hours. If you want to try it i’ll let you have some. My allergies are horrible… Speaking of English, is it improper to say “more classy.” I know that “classier” is the right way, but.. is it improper?

  2. My students are beginning to worry more and more about their chemistry and physics classes and less and less about my class.

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