Why I’m up this early: an essay

Ok, so I’m not really going to write an essay about being up before 8 on a Sunday morning but nevertheless, I am and wide awake at that. I didn’t really go to bed early: I fell asleep around 11:45 or so. However, when dogs are ready to eat and pee, they kind of have to go. And they let you know.

So, Sunday, a day of relaxation. Well, normally. Sometime before 1 or so, I need to have almost everything out of my computer room. We’re combining offices and Ash and one of his friends who installs cabinets and countertops is helping us build a desk in here. Although I though it was a cool idea, I didn’t fully understand the weight of having to move all my books. And damn, do I own a lot of books. The books that took up an entire bookshelf are maybe only 1/4 of what I actually own, for a lot more are in boxes in the closet. All the cleaning out has made me realize that a.) I am stuck in my ways a little bit and b.) I like to have stacks of things in certain places and I really don’t like poeple to mess with them. I know that we’re moving into this room to make room for a baby but it feels a lot like everyone’s stepping on my toes. ::grumble grumble::

So, would you like to hear about all the fabulous things that come along with being (according to the doctor’s office) 9 weeks pregnant? Well first of all, nausea comes and goes but is actually worse in the morning, making that term not so much a misnomer for me. Headaches are bad, gas is bad, and my congestion is horrible. From everything I read, this is all perfectly normally, including the heightened allergies that keep me up nights, sneezing and blowing my nose, much to Ash’s chagrin I am sure. But he never complains or even mentions it; I guess I should count that as a blessing.

I have to go drink some ginger ale and eat some toast to calm my stomach. This computer will be disassembled by about 11 so I’ll be back tomorrow, in the office. Have a good Sunday, everyone.

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