Finally Friday/ Time to tell

Does it seem like this week went on FOREVER? It does to me. A friend of mine in Japan called on Tuesday and it seems like it has been weeks. But I don’t have much to say today…well, there’s been an entry in my mind for some time but I’m not sure it’s the right time to write it yet. It’s news, big news. Well, for my world anyway. There’s someone who reads this blog who I should have told on the phone but I haven’t yet. (Chris, I will call soon, I promise! Steve only knows because he called ME! πŸ™‚ ).

So, my big news: I’m pregnant. Just saying it feels awkward. “They” – oh the infamous “they” – say you’re not supposed to tell anyone until three months in, to reduce risk of miscarriage and disappointment to all you know. Well, according to the doctor last Thursday, I am about 8 or so weeks in, and the chance drastically reduces from there. We’re crossing our fingers anyway.

But yes, this is the one big thing that I’ve been focusing on lately. I have been eating small healthy meals, avoiding caffeine, sleeping a lot and trying not to blab it to everyone. But it’s difficult when it’s your first because – gosh – it’s just so exciting. It’s a big life changing… thing. It’s made us buy books and rearrange our house. We’re combining our offices into one, building desks for it, and then clearing out the other room for a nursery. Maybe it’s too soon but there’s a lot of work to be done. I’ve been planning how I’ll get around certain work related tasks, mainly paper. Since I run the copy machine, I have to go upstairs and get boxes of paper. I used to be able to haul them just fine onto the handcart but now, I’m really not supposed to. So who do I get to do it? This office tends to be a rumor mill so if I get a guy in the department to do it, will people thing there’s a thing… going on? Most of my superiors don’t know the news yet, only my immediate boss, who is so excited and supportive.

Ash has told a lot of people in his office – the older women who seem to love him like a son, especially one woman who lost her son. We’re making her and her husband the godparents, because it’s like giving them a gift when they have nothing. It will mean a lot to her. Ash also knows a lot of people at work who have young kids or recently had a baby so we have so many connections for knowledge. We also already know a lot of people with kids, mainly those whom we do dinner club with. Our next outing is next weekend so we’ll talk all about it. I’m kind of getting into the whole “mommy” thing; been reading mommy blogs and My mother says don’t let it consume me. But I don’t think it has. I still go about each day the same. I still come into my office and work all day, go home, play with the dogs and make dinner. Only now, my dinners include a lot more effort and protein.

So there’s my big news, finally off my chest. What’s going on in your worlds?

15 thoughts on “Finally Friday/ Time to tell

  1. HOLY CRAP. Congratulations!

    Wow… my friends are getting pregnant now… crazy. It’s happening… just like the old people always told me when I was a kid.

    Now for something completely different: I got a call yesterday from a California number that didn’t really exist. Was that Steve calling me on a calling card?

    P.S. – I put in my 2 week notice today

  2. Congratulations!!!!!!!

    Nothing that exciting is going on in my life. I’m just getting by–going to visit the ‘rents this weekend.

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