Random things I’ve been thinking about

I have the song “When Johnny Comes Marching Home” stuck in my head, whistling and all. It’s quite odd. On that note, there’s a small plot of land along a road I frequently drive down (and bike) and I just recently (after 10 years in Tally) noticed that it was once a cemetery for – I believe – African Americans, perhaps in the Civil War. I need to read the Historic Registry sign one of these days; this place intrigues me.

Also, while in Jacksonville, we drove past this stately looking building, although now long since closed and run down, which read “Public School Number Four.” I wasn’t aware that anywhere in Florida named their public schools by number, much as they do in New York, etc. I typed it into Google and look what comes up first:PS#4. Very interesting; I should have known. I can’t seem to find any info on it besides articles about it being haunted.

Last night I was pondering igloos. I always thought: how is it any warmer in there than otuside? But I guess some people put skins in the inside which could raise the temp as much as 50 degrees F. I also wondered about having a fire in there but apparently the way it melted created a layer of ice which helped reinforce its structure. (All info gathered from various web sources).

Also, has anyone heard of Okienoodling? I just found out about it and, sure, you can google it, but if you know it already, I’m interested to know.

One thought on “Random things I’ve been thinking about

  1. I always wanted to build an igloo. Unfortunately, my life in the southern states has been devoid of ice. Even when I lived in Germany,. we could build snow forts, but no igloos. And just so you know, the insides of snow forts melt and turns everything into mush, which then freezes over night and makes things very dangerous.

    Now I want to play in the snow… *sigh*

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