Ahh Monday

I was pretty lazy yesterday so today doesn’t feel so crappy. I don’t yet feel trapped in my office, like so many Thursdays and Fridays. I was reminiscing today about last Spring. I remembered that late March through May is the nice time here: temperatures just right so that you don’t think about being hot or cold. Mornings and mid-days are all sunshine and blooming trees. When I was still only teaching, I was home each Tuesday and Thursday. I sat outside on my deck, drinking tea and watching the dogs scamper about the yard. As much as I enjoy making money for a full-time position, I really do miss that sort of free time.

The weekend was quite nice. On Saturday I woke up and felt well. Ash and I walked the dogs before packing up and heading out to Jacksonville. We got there around 2:30 or so and met up with Drew and his fiancee, Teresa. They showed us around this historic district that’s in the revitalization process and then we headed to Jax beach. We walked down the beach a while and I had not walked on sand since October ’05, when we went to Hawaii. Around 5 Ash and I got ready for dinner. Ruth’s Chris is all that I had heard, read and more. For one, I had never been to a restaurant where they have one server dedicated to your bread and drinks. The service was excellent, the food was even more excellent, and the restaurant itself – and the view – were pretty amazing. Definitely a great evening. I didn’t even fall asleep in the car and Ash and I talked the whole way home.

Unfortunately, my Sunday wasn’t so grand. I felt pretty cruddy from the moment I woke up and I ended up sleeping a lot. But we did watch some Friends Season 10 and made hamburgers for dinner so it ended alright.

It’s cold here today but plans to warm up to about 62 later on. I’m definitely ready for Spring and even Summer. But I don’t really mind the heat. So anyway, what did you all do this weekend?

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