I wish this Friday was over

I’m not necessarily in a *bad* mood; I’m just not feeling great. I want to sleep, to lay under warm blankets, to be lazy. But if I perpetuate the laziness, I’ll get nowhere. And getting nowhere is, ultimately, depressing.

So let’s talk about peanut butter. If you frequent the news sites, you may have seen the Peter Pan recall of products with the code “2111” on the lid. Ash and I bought some peanut butter the other day but I knew we hadn’t opened it. So I printed the article, took it home, checked out our new peanut butter and bam: it was the kind being recalled for possible salmonella contamination. Now, I know it could have been totally safe BUT we have a friend who had salmonella a couple months ago and it is NOT something I want to ever face.  So check your Peter Pan products people. Don’t go coughing up blood because you were uninformed.

In other news, it is my father’s birthday. I doubt they’re doing anything exciting but it is so. We don’t have plans for tonight but tomorrow we’re going to Jacksonville where we’ll hang out with a friend and go to dinner for Valentine’s Day part 2. Ruth’s Chris, here we come.

9 thoughts on “I wish this Friday was over

  1. I’ve got a jar of Peter Pan that I’ve opened and eaten a spoonful out of, but I just saw the recall number in the paper this morning, so when I get home, I’ve got to check it out. I don’t want the deadly chicken disease. The puppy my wife is dog-sitting is already pooping everywhere.

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