TGIF – and I mean it

This week has seemingly dragged on for an eternity. Regardless of spending the afternoon at home yesterday, I feel like I was trapped in my office for years this week. But aside from this raging headache, I feel a lot better today.

It was cold this morning – about 33 – but without wind, it’s almost a pleasant cold. It’s clean and refreshing. I usually leave my office, where’s it’s a toasty 73 degrees, and shiver my way down to the Circle K but today, I just felt nice.

Since I am trying not to take any sort of anti-inflammatories at this time, I must find a natural way to alleviate this pain. I know reflexology works but I’m not sure rubbing my own feet does the trick. I may close my door and try to relax, rub my temples or something. I know this all stems from some stress that I have yet to pinpoint. It feels like pressure, building behind my eyes, right undernreath my skull. but what I am secretly anxious about, even I do not know. Perhaps shutting the door and meditating will present this answer.

5 thoughts on “TGIF – and I mean it

  1. The weather is beautiful here as well. It makes me resent work. I don’t want to waste these beautiful hours indoors.

    Have you tried yoga?

  2. I used to do yoga here at school. This wonderful woman named Pam taught it and it was so effective, calming, so meditative that I wish I still could go. However, it’s at 11 AM and I would have to come in or stay a half hour later in order to make it. I might do that in the summer though.

  3. You could always just do it at home. Not to be suuuuuper cheezy, but I use a video 🙂 It works for me. I can’t make it to classes. It sucks to have a troublesome day job!

  4. The weather was nice today in Gainesville–it was a nice day for biking to campus. The weather-person forecasted lows in the 20’s here, but it only got down to the the mid-30’s, so it was close to Tally weather today.

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