The one where I complain a little

SO… it’s going to be one of those days. I woke up feeling quite rested but I soon realized that I did not leave myself enough time to take care of Iggy’s needs. Because he has to regain weight we need to feed him but the portions must increase very slowly. If his belly grows too fast or his portion is too large, he could bust a stitch on his belly or in his intestine. So he needs to eat half a jar of baby food about ten times a day. Well, obviously that cannot happen while I am at work but he ate twice this morning and he’ll eat twice during my lunch break. Of course then he needs to go out and since baby food is basically slop, what comes out his other end is slop plus water. Do babies always have runny crap? I can’t imagine anything else if that’s what they’re eating. Ugh. Also, we have to keep him in a onesie (although it’s technically toddler clothes since he’s too big for a onesie) and he’s adorable. (Pictures below) Although the shirt basically immobilizes him, he’s so weirded out by it. But it will keep him from licking his stitches, which cannot come out until next Friday or later.

So the second thing that threw off my morning was the fact that I seem to be missing some clothes. I recall packing them, where I put them in the suitcase, and which suitcase I moved them to, right there in the airport, so the big bag wouldn’t be over 50 pounds. I do not, however, recall unpacking them but I must have because the space saver bags that they were in are – I think – in my room. I didn’t check this morning because I was frantically searching. It was the one shirt I wanted to wear today, since I have to speak in front about about 160 people. Crap. I ended up wearing my new Eddie Bauer black sweater but really, it’s not as professional looking as I wanted. I left the house at 7:20 – slightly running late – and got about 4 blocks from the house when I realizedI didn’t have my keys for the office. Sigh.

For about 2 years now I have been going to a place called Bagel Bagel for breakfast. Not every day and sometimes I would skip a few weeks. But when I am on, I go about 2-4 times a week. They have pumpernickel-rye bagels, reduced fat cream cheese, and good coffee. Plus, the girls that work there are super nice and they know me now. Well, I turned from College onto Monroe, adjusted the wheel to paralell park and what do I see but a closed building. No sign indicating closure or moving across town. But no red and blue Bagel Bagel sign either. Other than worrying about being hungry, I was saddened to think that those nice girls may have lost their jobs.

So I pulled around to Park ave. and entered Kool Beanz cafe. It’s so uppity it’s sickening. I have gotten coffee there before but their bagels leave so much to be desired. So I went with green tea and a croissant. Sigh. It fills the hole but it’s not the same.

I was about 20 minutes late to work and I feel confused and scatterbrained about what I need to be doing. It’s scary really. But it’s already 8:30 so the morning is going quickly. I have yet to hear from the keyholder of the theater in which we are supposed to hold our TA meeting. She seems to be ignoring me. I really really do not want to have to call FSUPD. They can open the door but aren’t the fastest people. I hope by 10 AM I have figured out how that all will go and I can finally relax… oh, but then I have to make announcements for all the grad students. Oh so fun. Wish me luck.

baby-boy.JPG, postop-iggs.JPG

P.S. – What happened to WordPress allowing thumbnail photos? I liked that!

5 thoughts on “The one where I complain a little

  1. Yeah, the onesie is kinda cute.

    A favored bagel place was forced to close here in Gainesville, too, in December. It’s a sad story. . . one that’s too long to tell here. I’ll have to tell it later. . . .

  2. Your puppy is adorable. Makes me miss mine, aka the hag. I’ll have to see if I can find a picture of her sulking. Bostons do it so well.

    Anyway, you should see if the Bagel Bagel on Pensacola and White Dr. is open. I know it’s not on your way to work, but it’s worth a shot!

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