What the hell day is today?

Ahh, I feel almost normal again, as I sit here at my desk (in my office), light off, lamp on, and pandora streaming some jazz. Oh routine, how I have dearly missed you.

I am still sort of sleepy from the first part of this week. What with all the dog stuff, I have also been pretty stressed. But like always, the beginning of the year is a hectic time. Once school begins, I will be busy with my job but also teaching. I have been rearranging and fine-tuning my Blackboard site this morning, as well as getting the Spring schedule as cemented as possible. I might take a quick half hour lunch soon, so I can leave early to pick up Iggy.

I took him back to the vet today to be on an IV and get stronger. He was much more alert this morning, which brought joy to my heart. The vet is about to start offering him some baby food. Once that goes down, we can start feeding him canned food too. He needs to gain those five pounds back! Poor thing.

When I get home today I plan on cleaning up my room some more and making room for all the books I got for Christmas. I probably got about 8 or 9 various types; fiction, non and coffee table like. I love the smell of new books. I also want to reorganize in my closet so all my scrapbooking and magnet supplies are together. It is a plan of mine to stick to scrapbooking this year. Or at least, complete one.

Since I have returned from vacation, I keep forgetting what day it is. Happy… Thursday – that’s it! Happy Thursday everyone!

ETA: I had been tagged and I didn’t know it! Jay over at Shambling Darkness passed this one along. (This is tough because I’m kind of an open book)

5 Things People Don’t Know About Me

1.) When I was a kid I carried around 2 secrets with me that I thought would be the end of me if I ever told: a.) I walked into the boy’s bathroom once in second grade and b.) After a field trip in kindergarten I changed out of our special Publix warehouse T-shirts and into my own clothes right there in the classroom and people pointed and laughed.

2.) As a pretty young kid, I felt that only boys got to do fun stuff so I was quite the tomboy. I even referred to myself as “Richard”. (Don’t ask me why I liked that name)

3.)  I still think playing with Legos is fun

4.)  I once took an acquaintance to the tattoo parlour when he was drunk. He woke up the next morning and did not remember getting those two chinese symbols.

5.)  I pet my car every morning when I get out to go to work.

I guess I’ll tag Jordan, MoodyMeow, and Michael.

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