Happy New Year’s Eve

Geez, I can’t believe there’s video of Sadaam’s hanging. I doubt I’ll be watching that. Although, it can’t be worse than anything I have seen on Face of Death. And besides, you can make yourself tune out the effects of that kind of crap. Either way, I won’t be looking for it myself.

Anyway, I intended on sleeping longer but Webster started barking at nothing so I was forced to take him out. Ugh. Unlike Todd, Iggy and Zoey, he does not go back to sleep after eating. He thinks every time I approach him I am initiating a game of chase me. Little snot. I am glad that I only had to be responsible for him for one night – while the guys are at the game. He doesn’t mind anyone very well and I’m not used to that.  Now he’s barking to get me to chase him. God, it’s 8 am you litttle beast!

Anyway, I don’t know what my plans are for today but I’m pretty much letting Mary run the show. Ash, Ell and his dad will be back around midnight (turn of the new year!) and I hope they make it in time – and safely. If not, well, it will just be me and Mary drinking champagne. Sigh. I don’t ever make a huge deal out of New Year’s; I’ve never been to a real party for it and I kind of think you should make resolutions all year, not just now. You can always be changing and improving.

With that I leave you. Happy Sunday.

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year’s Eve

  1. Yeah, I was going to comment and saw he’d already written that… I watched it. Basically you see him slip downward out of sight, and the rope gets tight. So it’s not too terrible. Someone pointed out to me that actually seeing it makes it real instead of another story pushed at you by the talking heads at CNN. This is real history being made for better or for worse, whether it’s a big gruesome or not.

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