Vacation pros and cons

So, Ash left with his dad and brother to travel to San Diego. They will be in attendance for the Chargers/Cardinals game tomorrow. I am really hoping he has a blast but in the meantime, I am pretty bored. I am here with his father’s wife, just chilling for now. I think later on we’re going to go to Costco and then for sushi. I also think she wanted to see a movie but the only movie I’d be interested in is a second viewing of Casino Royale.

Arizona is an interesting place. Like all other cities, it has its nice suburbs, downtown areas, construction, bars, restaurants and malls. But being surrounded by beautiful mountains never ceases to amaze me.  However, like all vacations. I am glad to have been here but ready to go home. I miss my bed and my shower – especially the water. Their water here is so soft that the soap never feels like it’s come off you. I miss my dogs, even though a break from taking care of them is sometimes nice. I’ll be happy to get back to my routines, my house, its cozy features. Even though there’s still time left, before I know it, I’ll be high in the sky, looking down over New Mexico, Texas, and eventually, Florida.

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