I hate Golds Gym

Ok, I’ve moved past fragment mode – I can fully form sentences once more. All it took was a Tab energy drink and 2 or so hours of stuffing envelopes. I’m almost done with that project though so that’s good. Accomplishments are good. As are rewards: I am eating carrots.

I had this really random, yet funny thought a minute ago. What if you met a guy whose name was Ken but it wasn’t short for Kenneth but rather, Kentucky? Wouldn’t that be kind of funny? I mean, women get names that are designated for things like months, flowers and states (Dakota, Montana), but so rarely do you see guys with those sorts of titles. Their only anomoly are names that can double as girls’ (Stacy, Kelly, Ashleigh). That is, unless you can think of others.

I keep thinking that today is Thursday, which would mean I’d be biking later and hardcore packing. Although, I may break out the big-ass suitcase tonight and begin planning out what we need. We’re going to be gone 10 total nights, which is a lot of clothes. I might as well plan on doing laundry out there.  I don’t have ten pairs of anything – except maybe socks but not all ones I’m fond of. If anyone needs to get me an xmas gift, socks would be fabulous, thanks.

My Dove chocolate wrapper says, “Go to your special place”. That would be my bed, but I really can’t do that right now. ::grumble grumble::

Noon. Roughly 2.75 hours until I’m going to leave. I have a hair appointment at 3:30 just to get my ends trimmed. Like I mentioned before. I haven’t had anything done to my hair since October 15th, 2005, the day of my wedding. I know, I’m not taking care of it the way I should. I kind of want to get my eyebrows waxed too but I’m such a tight-ass with my money that I don’t even want to spend 10 bucks. Sad huh? Really, I just have this mental problem where, even though I know I’ll have plenty of money, I worry that I’m going to check my bank account one day and it will be shockingly low. I know it’s lame. Maybe that’s what I need to start with when/if I go seek therapy. I know so many people with counselors. And it’s pretty easy to do it here; FSU has a service and I think I can even leave work to do it. It just might be cathartic.

I think I’m going to read some Kite Runner for a bit.

11 thoughts on “I hate Golds Gym

  1. Wait, so what is wrong with my home away from home? (Golds Gym) Yes being a meat head it is a place of comely love for me.

    That isn’t my dog, my roommate’s boyfriend’s, they are in Vegas and i’m watching the dog. She is really good, I love how obedient and well behaved she is, she farts often and sneezes on me constantly though which is so annoying.

    I like cats…

  2. If you want 300, you should look at Gates of Fire, by Steven Pressfield. Excellent book, I read it last year.

    Kite runner? Read the wiki, sounds interesting but not my forte.

  3. I didn’t think it would be a book for me either but I can’t seem to put it down. Nothing is wrong with Gold’s except that we were lied to when we signed up and none of the TVs ever work. It wasn’t something I regret; both my husband and I lost 40 pounds by using Golds, but I am glad that this month is the last time I ever have to pay those bastards. They treated us like crap!

    And I will look into that Gates of Fire too

  4. Evelyn and Kristen, both my roommates work there. As well as Nate (owner of the dog) as a bartender..

    Yeah they are Nazi about the Contract, luckly for some reason they haven’t charged me in forever. I don’t say anything about it. 😉

  5. Lol, well my eyebrows aren’t that bad, really. I just like to get it done.

    I don’t think I have ever had your roommates on a Sunday. We usually get this nice blond girl whose name begins with an M, and that I can never remember.

    I wish Golds “forgot” to charge me, the bastards.

  6. I don’t like gyms, period. I like running in the great outdoors. I’ve got a lot of packing to do, too, though I won’t be gone for ten days.

  7. I can’t seem to get into running. I like the idea of it; I would love to run and just watch nature pass. But it’s too much strain on my joints and I just get bored. I much prefer biking.

  8. I like the gym when no one is there. Last semester I used to go at 4 am when the only people there was a couple of sanitation workers on roids. They used to always try and peddle me a cycle constantly. It would be them pounding ungodly amounts of weight and me doing the damn thing.

    The best thing was crawling out of bed on those rainy Tallahassee mornings, the ones where it is crisp and bitter cold and wet, when the air stings your toes that stick outside your covers. Mmm. Isn’t it about time for that weather again? Its freaking 80 degrees today..

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