Do you know me?

I think you can learn a lot about a person from looking at their Amazon wishlist. I really do. I was farking around and there’s a link to the site’s admins’ wishlists. I was suprised to see that originator of Fark, Drew, had Talladega Nights on his list. That movie was SO bad. But at the same time, he had those neat new stemless wine glasses and Transformers, along with the biography of John Adams. Feel the odd disparity.

I feel like I have some rather uninteresting items on my list but that are nonetheless coveted. I like functionality above all else so some of my wants are strictly utilitarian. I mean, I have ink on there, for Pete’s sake. (Hey, I know someone named Pete now so that sort of makes me feel funny about saying that) I don’t know; maybe I just see my wishlist as being an actual help to people trying to buy gifts so I don’t go putting outlandish things on there like this.

P.S. Why is that that Amazon tells me that people who bought that also bought this and this?

5 thoughts on “Do you know me?

  1. freaks me out because 9 times out of 10, when they suggest something to me, it’s something I really would be interested in. They’re evil.

  2. LOL, did you see the reviews for that $10,000 can of caviar?

    Reviewer: Carmilla
    This caviar is really worth it. It adds that special ‘something’ to my breakfast when i smear some on my frosted cherry Pop Tarts.
    Highly recommended. A+ for texture and taste.

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