I’m ready to go already!

Ugh. T-minus 2 hours and counting. Could this day go by any slower? Ok ok, it hasn’t been that bad really. I have about 50 pages left in the book I’m reading so that should blast away some time. There aren’t any classes after 1:10 today due to the homecoming parade (did I already mention that?) so it’s fixin’ to get pretty slow around this place.

As a word of precaution: I don’t reccomend eating nuts and berries for breakfast. My stomach certainly did not like it.

Well, that was nice: I just spent the last 40 minutes chatting with some folks in the department. That’s always a nice reprieve from the monotony of adding freshmen to online writing courses and fielding calls from said students  who don’t know what the hell’s going on.

I’m going to spend my last hour and 10 minutes reading and wasting time on the net. Thank the pwers that be for making it Friday!!

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