Upcoming good stuff

Finally! My stomach is feeling better. It wasn’t until after dinner last night that I knew for sure it was ok. I made spaghetti and I was worried that the tomato acidity would really screw it up. But alas, I was ok. I just ate a Publix fruit cup and even that didn’t make me feel nauseous. Wee! Should I press my luck (no whammy no whammy) and go for coffee?

I woke up feeling quite good about things today. I even felt like cleaning, which means that I am out of my funk. Ever since I went to see my grandfather, I had been in a foul mood. They removed a mass from his colon – it was cancer. Luckily, it had not spread into any other organs. Unfortunately, it is the kind that’s hereditary. He has about a year and a half without treatment, maybe four years with. He’s 87 now so we’ll see how it goes. He was very lucid while I was there but according to my uncle, he was cantankerous and way out there yesterday. We’ll have to see how things go. They sort of have a way of playing out, almost as planned.

My parents come this weekend and I am annoyed by the up-in-the-air-ness of it all. I don’t know when they’ll be here or going to see my grandfather or what. In some ways, I am annoyed they have to go see him at all, but that makes me sound like a bad person. But I shouldn’t complain because next Wednesday, we’re going to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving. Wee!

Here are some pics of the Jaguars game, for your viewing pleasure. I am off to do some work.

alltell.JPG jaguar.JPG stadium.JPG crazed-fan.JPG

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