Happy Halloweeeeen!

‘Tis my favorite holiday! Thanksgiving and Christmas are tied for a very very close second though. It was cool this morning, and beautiful out so I’m hoping it stays that way. Nothing better to beat down a good holiday like a storm.

I’m saddened by the fact that I was unable to locate any Shipyard Pumpkinhead beer. Our ABC stores were all sold out. According to my father, Fresh Market recently got their shipments in but when I think about going all the way out there, I feel guilty for purchasing a case of beer just for myself. I may never drink all of it. I wish I could buy induvidual bottles.

Karen, this one is for you: To the man in my office: You know, as much as I love hearing about UC Davis, I’d really appreciate it if you left my office now. kthxbye.

I just went to get some hot green tea and it is yummy for my tummy. I’m in a tea kind of mood today, instead of coffee. I think tea is generally healthier for you.

Obviously, there’s not a lot going on right now and hence, a boring post. But her’s a picture of the pumpkin I carved last night. He’s cool!


8 thoughts on “Happy Halloweeeeen!

  1. I would share the gallons of Shipyard sitting in my kitchen, but you aren’t in the same town. I wonder if they would break in shipping. Thank you berry much for the card 🙂 And have a blessed Halloween (and your pumpkin rocks!)

  2. Did you know that coffee is the number one source of antioxidants in the average American’s diet? It is not because coffee has exceptionally high levels of this much needed substance that it is responsible for such a dramatic intake; rather, it is due to the fact that Americans rarely eat anything that is good for them with any regularity.

  3. What about tea, though? I thought it was higher in antioxidants than coffee. And are there any foods that I could eat on a regular basis that would serve to enhance this poor statistic of Americans? 😉

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