Mondays happen more often

Or so it seems that way. I’m feeling sort of tired, even though I got up at 6:15 wide awake and made msyelf some oatmeal. I just knew it would be better than going back to sleep for all of 10 minutes.

Since it was actually 6:15 when I left – as in, when we aren’t doing stupid Daylight Savings – it was quite cold outside. I wish we were like Arizona or Hawaii: smart enough to not participate in Daylight Savings.

My weekend was eventful and tiring. I wouldn’t go so far as to say “fun”, but that’s because I haven’t gottten good enough at biking yet to look forward to the rides. On Friday night Ash accompanied me to the department Halloween party. No pics: I wasn’t that fond of my costume. But it was a good time nevertheless. Woke up feeling horrible the next morning: sick to my stomach but not hungover because I only had two glasses of wine. It was weird. Anyway, Ash and I got out around noon and biked about four miles to On the Border for lunch. Then we went a longer way back to Sports Authority where I found some 10 dollar exercise pants and we bought a bag for carrying crap we buy while on the bikes. We hit up Best Buy next (I purchased Batman Begins) and then we finally headed home. It was almost four PM by this time. We went to Longhorn for dinner and then to see The Departed. It was pretty good, even though I wasn’t all that pumped to see it.

On Sunday, Ash convinced me to ride to the sports bar where we always go to watch football. It was five miles. But of course, it was all uphill. Most of our ride are; there’s no avoiding it in Tallahassee. So we probably went between twenty and twenty-five miles total this weekend. My legs are slightly sore but it’s not so bad. I know it’s better for me in general. It really makes you feel good about everything.

So far, I don’t seen any work to be done so I may spend my time writing or preparing for class, or maybe even studying French. But for now, it’s site surfing time. Happy Monday!

3 thoughts on “Mondays happen more often

  1. My dad told me that beginning next year we are going to shorten the time that we are in our current time, which is standard time, by falling back in November and springing forward in March. That was the first I’d heard of that.

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