Such an original title! I’m really feeling that creativity today. Anyway, cool again this morning. I hope the whole weekend is like this. I can tell this entry is going to be disjointed; my brain is pretty mushy today. (Bear with me, oh patient reader) So yeah, random thoughts. MyAutumn things I ordered were supposed to come yesterday; they didn’t. 😦 There’s a scent of wood burning on the air and it’s filling my office with sweet Fall goodness. ::sniff:: I am looking forward to Sunday – I get to wear my Brian Urlacher jersey and it looks cute on me. But I think I just lost all respect for that player because I read that he was “romantically linked” to Paris Hilton. Brian, come on! You can do so much better than that whore! As long as you keep getting solo tackles and a few sacks, I’ll still like you.

My head felt like it was being squished in a vice this morning. I could barely wake up. It was as if I had taken Nyquil or something and was still in that medicinal stupor. But after breakfast and doing some actual work, I am aware of my surroundings now at least.  I am glad, however, that it is already 9. That is a good sign.

This entry isn’t going anywhere – I geuss I’m just going to be dull today. So if you can, talk to me in comments – it might pass the time quicker

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