Rug = pulled out from under

Ash calls me at ten and informs me that he’ll have to leave at three. He works for the state – and the bridge dept. at that – and they need him to go along with some guys who are tracking hurricane Ernesto. Because he knows how to use the computer equipment. At first, I was angry. What kind of notice is that? He’s got five hours to get ready, tell his wife good-bye and head out? In my mind, that is quite unfair, but, as my mother always told me, life is not fair. But I’m still not happy about it. If this interferes with the weekend plans – as in, if he does not come back Thursday, I’m going to be quite unhappy. We’ve had these plans forever and I have not seen my grandparents in a long time. When your grandmother is aged and all, you kind of want to see her whenever possible. DOT is not going to ruin that for me. No way.

P.S. I just said something completely stupid in front of students. WTF was I thinking? Where is my brain?!?

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