The close of a weekend

The weekend has been busy. Yesterday, post baby shower (in which I dominated the little shower games, by the way) we had the dinner club. We went to El Chico – yum – and then to the Fun Station for a rousing game of Laser Tag. All in all, it was a pretty good day. Today, I got up semi-eary and took the dogs for a run. Every time I run in the neighbourhood I am surprised by my endurance. I can not usually keep up with Ash but I do fairly well when it’s just me. I decided to mow the lawn also before eating a slight bit of lunch. After that though I was overwhelmed by sleep and napped for an hour or so. I just finished cleaning the kitchen after baking cookies and making spaghetti. I made the cookies for the English office to help the first day of school go smoothly. It is tomorrow.

I have a lot of things to do and take care of this week and I am doing very well to keep myself from spazzing out. There’s a graduation hold on my registration so I need to call them. I also need to turn in the form so the State will pay for my class. There will be many people in my office with issues tomorrow. I teach at 5:15. My wisdom tooth is hurting and I may need to go into the dentist and have them evaluate whether or not I should have it pulled. There’s a hurricane coming and I am sincerely hoping it turns and goes away from Florida. I do not want to miss my Labor Day weekend plans. That was a lot of short random sentences in one paragraph. But that’s what’s on my plate this week. What’s on yours?

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