Busy little bee

Yes, I am actually busy! Well, I have some ongoing tasks that I can work on, take a short break, get back to. I’m going to take a minute to repaint my toenails in a second because they look like crap. Nothing worse than people who wear sandals and don’t take care of their feet.

So it looks like my Fall semester is going to be very busy. Not only will I work this job forty hours a week, but I will be teaching. Which is what I expected and wanted. However, I am now taking the Graduate French Reading Knowledge refresher course so I may *actually* have a chance at passing a language this time. Basically, I am going to have to reevaluate my study skills. I am going to need a method of forcing myself to study during downtime in the office. I am actually going to have to try. But I can do this.

Oooh, Sade on Pandora. Yesss, relaaax. No! Must… keep… working.

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