Here, there, everywhere; slowly losing my mind

You guys, if you’re around and reading this, I’m sorry I haven’t been able to comment on your Tuesday posts. It’s really just been quite hectic around here lately. In fact, I have to cancel an appointment at the pediatrician for Isaac this morning because I just can’t see how on earth I will get to it! Between regular work, teaching, online job, and then all the stuff for Elliot’s VPK graduation, etc, I am simply overwhelmed.

I’m someone who would likes to get all the work and hard stuff out of the way before I relax. I want to finish up this week and then relax all weekend. Though, truth be told, I have been really slacking off on my recent weekends, to the point where I feel bad. Like, I should be cleaning more or doing more projects or SOMEthing productive. I don’t know; I’ve felt in a funk for a while now. I think it has to do with less running… then the less running I do, the more I dread amping back up for my marathon training. I KNOW that once it starts, I’ll be fine and right back where I was but looking at it this far off is really daunting. And sort of depressing.

I’d love nothing more than to seek some retail therapy for my unexplained sadness but as we all know, that fix is only temporary.

Perhaps it has to do with last week’s Super Moon. Things have felt funky since then. Or maybe it’s me or hormones or just a downswing. Do you believe in biorhythms? I think they’re more accurate than horoscopes, which remind me of broken clocks in that they have to be right some of the time!

As we all know, it gets better. Once I get through this week, things will be slower, I hope. I’ll have gotten into the rhythm of my summer course, figured out how to balance my time between that class, online grading, Diablo 3, and my family. Money will be tight for a bit but then that too will get better.

I don’t mean to complain but my blogging suffers when I’m in such a funk. And with that, I’ll leave you. Perhaps tomorrow will yield a more cohesive post.


Random (Talk to Us) Tuesday – Funk


Seriously Shawn

Yay Tuesday! Yay Random! Yay… yay!

  • So… Monday was weird. Woke up to find – through Facebook – that one of my friends was having an emergency appendectomy and my other friend’s dad died suddenly. It was really an odd feeling for the rest of the day, even though these things didn’t affect me directly.
  • But it did make me feel really thankful for everything I do have. Remember to hug the ones you love!
  • Did I mention that I got the best teaching evaluations ever this past semester? They’re broken down into 5 categories: Excellent, Very Good, Neutral, Fair, and Poor. Normally, I am like 60 E and 40 VG or something in that range but I got 100% excellent! Even better, my boss happen to be looking at those and commended me. Definitely a big ego boost; I didn’t think I did that great last semester!
  • I totally got a fertilizer spreader for Mother’s Day and it’s an awesome gift! I’m the one who does all the lawn stuff and it was just one thing I didn’t have. It’s right up there with the year I got a vacuum and the year I got a handvac and a mop…
  • I’m writing this Monday night because tomorrow, I’m not going to work. See, there’s this computer game – Diablo – that just came out (the third one) and since we played the heck out of the second game over a decade ago (Gosh, that was when Ash and I were first getting together) we’re waking up at 3 AM and playing it. Three because servers open at midnight Pacific time. It was something we promised ourselves to do. BUT, now I miss out on blogging time. I do have to go in and teach though.
  • I foresee a lot of coffee tonight!
  • I am kind of stoked about it.
  • I am not, however, looking forward to feeling sleepy like when I was a new mom! Getting only 4 hours or so of sleep before will be insane!
  • Man Candy; I forgot his name but you know, I’ve been playing a game for three hours. I’m out!

Weekends, Music, and Teaching

I am missing my favorite white collared shirt. It is one of the more prominent tops in my rotation and somehow it is missing. This made my morning very irritating. This is especially annoying because it is what i wanted to wear to teach today; Summer B session begins!

Ahem. Ok, weekend. So, Friday night I am pretty sure we watched a movie. Wait, no, that’s not right. What did we do?  Well, can’t remember. I know Saturday morning we got up around 6:45 to prepare for the beach. The forecast called for great weather and yet, it was cool and overcast. We got to Carrabelle beach by about 10 AM (later than I wanted but our friends were not ready when we picked them up) and it was still kind of cloudy and windy. But hey, we drove there and we were going to stay. Actually, the kids really enjoyed the sand and did eventually get in the water. I decided not to, but did enjoy the sun when it finally came out. Two things happened that kind of made the trip suck. One being that my friend’s daughter hurled on the way there. Luckily, he’s awesome and caught it but, ugh. Then, he decided it was time to go much earlier than we wanted to leave. I like doing things with other people but I see why it’s beneficial not to!

Once we got home and the kids had napped, we decided to go out to dinner, but they were punchy and irritating so it was a stressful meal. Thank God for beer. Ash and I watched Haywire (so not as good as it looked in previews) and went to bed because the sun can really take it out of you.

Sunday was good. Mother’s Day and all. Ash and the kids gave me nice cards, then we went to the newer Another Broken Egg. No one was there at 7:30, which was awesome. It filled up while we ate so that was good planning on our part. After that, Ash took us to Lowe’s to get my gift: Scott’s Snap Pac fertililzer spreader. They’re 50 bucks so I told him to just get me a normal one but Lowes had them marked down to 30! Now that’s a deal. I had previously been buying a bag of fertilizer and borrowing the neighbour’s spreader, which is fine by them but I was sick of fishing it out of their outside tool area.

Since we started the day so early, I felt really motivated to clean when we got home. Everyone behaved themselves while I was a whirlwind throughout the house, vacuuming and such. By noon we were at the store procuring lunch and dinner and then there were naps and running and Ratatouille and finally, bedtime. Good weekend!


I love freebie weeks! Though I am sort of at a loss for songs to play…

Ok so I have mentioned my recent love of Jimmy Buffet. Not a lot of official videos out here but here is what I could find.


Bama Breeze

One Particular Harbor

Friday Confessional – Let’s Blow This Popsicle Stand


I confess… I posted something on Facebook yesterday that may have pissed some people off but this video speaks for itself. My accompanying text was: “The next person to tell me they can’t run gets a swift kick in the pants.” Seriously, watch the video and you too will be amazed!

I confess… I really hate TV commercials where everyone sings a song and they look really freaking happy. For example, anyone seen the new Little Cesar’s commercials? Awful. Just awful.

I confess… I was not happy with my weight at the doctor earlier this week. I was either having a bloated day (likely) or had added muscle lately (also possible) but it was higher than expected. I ate better after that visit and I ran harder, even though it’s been pretty toasty around here.

I confess… I have really been playing the hell outta my Pandora Jimmy Buffet station. I am so So SO ready for a vacation. I need some time away. I had no grading this week but for the next four weeks I will. Luckily, we’re going to the beach tomorrow, Disney in June (possibly just to the hotel but hey, pools!), and then Ash and I are going to the beach in July, just the two of us. But the thing about vacations is that you always have to go back to reality. In the meantime, the waiting isn’t so bad. There’s the excitement that builds.

I confess… I haven’t been keeping up with my bank account, like, at all this week. I think I’d better go check on it, just in case. Normally, I check it constantly!

I confess… I did nothing last night. I made dinner (the ever popular classic, Hamburger Helper. You know how we do..) and then I laid down to get rid of a headache while Ash put Isaac to bed. They started a movie (Planet 51?) and then I watched about half that, did dishes, and went back to bed to watch TV and eventually fall asleep. So lazy!

I confess… I jumped the gun on my July beach vaycay. I bought a LivingSocial deal for two nights at a Cocoa Beach hotel and it looked GREAT! SO the next day, when the voucher was usable, I made my reservations. Well, later that day, I started reading reviews of the place and um, it sounds terrible. Now if you recall, last year, we had a not so pleasant hotel experience in Daytona. Though some of the reviews basically said, “Ignore those other reviews; we had a great stay!” I was not willing to risk it. SO, I called Living Social and they gladly refunded me and then I canceled my reservations. I was pretty sad about it but I think we may have found a better place now!

New prompt – What would you do??

I am linking up with for a prompted meme today from Mama’s Losin’ It.  I chose:

5.) You have a 3 day weekend to do anything you want with your family…money is not a factor, BUT you must stay in your own state. What would you do?

OK, I like that she gave us the option of own STATE as opposed to city. Because lawdy, not too much to do here in Tally. If we had a 3 day weekend with ALL the money, I honestly think we’d drive to Jacksonville (about 2 hours or so) and hit the zoo and beaches.

(Elliot at the zoo in 2009)

And then maybe drive down the coast to St. Augustine. There, the kids could see the forts, and the oldest schoolhouse, and buy tacky souvenirs and we’d stay in a beachside hotel and just roast in the sun, building sandcastles and riding waves.


We would come home Sunday evening suntanned and exhausted but it sounds like a fabulous weekend to me!

Spin Cycle – mom, of course

Second Blooming



I don’t want to talk about my own mom because I could go on for days; she’s an enigma. She is someone I always figured would be there and be solid – and she has been – but the older I get the more of a mother I become, the more she baffles me. So, we’ll discuss me as mom.

The very first time I felt like an adult/mother, was in September after Elliot was born. I wrote the following in a blog entry:

As I carried Elliot in his car seat through the wooded path between parking lot and pediatrician’s office this morning, I had a sudden realization that for the very first time, I truly felt like a grown, responsible adult. Maybe somewhere subconsciously, I associate caring for your small child as being the adult marker. It just felt like I had reached a different level then, as I did something for someone who relies entirely on me.  ME! 

This was the beginning of feeling like a mom. At times, I still don’t feel like I look old enough or hell, I don’t feel old enough to be a mom. Be this my own reluctance to think youngerthan I am (33) or what, it’s an idea I grapple with constantly. I certainly love being a mom and obviously, that IS my life now. Nothing cements this more than when the boys get home in the afternoon and I am already there. They come bustling through the door, tripping over themselves and shouting “Mommy! Where are you, mommy?” They get SO excited just to lay eyes on me that it breaks my heart a little each time. Me? Really? The woman who nags you about using your shirt as a napkin, and gets on you about hitting your brother, and gets entirely way too exasperating while playing trains? I don’t know if kids love you by default but sometimes I use that as an excuse for my own guilt over possibly not being “the best” mother.

With Mother’s Day coming up, it’s a reminder to me to let that little stuff go and just appreciate those kids. They aren’t going to be little forever and these moments are too precious to ignore in favor of fretting over dirty shoes on the rug.

WWTK – Blogging edition


Hosted by Mamarazzi and Crazymamanull{1} Please describe your blog. Does it fall into one category or many? How has it changed from post one?

I guess it’s sort of a mish-mash of everything; I talk about my life, my kids, work, etc. You can check out day one and it’s kind of funny how it explains why I started a blog and sums up this place in general still.

{2} What 3 things do you LOVE about blogging?

I really love a.) being able to express my thoughts somewhere and b.) when people actually comment and say, ‘hey, I know what you MEAN by that!’ So then c.) I love meeting all the people in the blogosphere. It’s like making friends in real life, only easier for introverts like myself.

{3} What 3 things do you DISLIKE about blogging?

I really dislike how a.) some people use anonymity to be mean and spiteful towards others. It’s just unnecessary and it’s also cowardly. b.) I dislike when blogs try to be a writing blog but have ads and try to sell too many products. I am OK with some plugging because I know we gotta make money but it’s when they are sneaky about it. And c.) I dislike the feeling of guilt if I don’t blog. It’s self-imposed – I know – but it’s part of the whole thing.

{4} What 3 things do you WISH OTHER BLOGGERS would do? Any tips for them?

I guess I a.) wish people always commented back. I know we can’t always do that; hell, I don’t always have time either, but it would be nice. b.) I wish people would not have autoplay music and c.) If you open yourself up with some kind of touchy subject, be ready for people to fight you. It’s just the way people are.

{5} I know we all have lots of blogs we read, but what are 3 blogs your never miss?

I have been reading those for so very long, I cannot give them up!


Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Weekend of scandal and more!


Seriously Shawn

Ok ok, I may be over dramatizing my weekend but I will show you a few pictures that will tell the story of our one crazy drunken evening.

  • So, like I mentioned yesterday, our friend turned 40 and his wife rented a limo to take us to Angelo’s, which is about 40 minutes out in Panacea, on the Gulf. Everyone came committed to getting trashed; they had huge bottles of liquor and Jell-o shots and lots of beer. Ash and I premixed margaritas and put them in water bottles.
  • The ride out there was INSANE. For old folks, we had a pretty crazy time.
  • That’s us being calm at the restaurant.
  • This is us being not so calm.
  • I will not show you any more photos because it’s not my place to embarrass my friends.
  • The weekend is just a blur now but I know somewhere in there we ate some good seafood and saw the super moon rise out over the water.
  • What this did for me was make me really want to spend a day at the beach, which we now have plans to do this coming Saturday. Yay!
  • When I was a kid, we lived a mere 5-10 minutes from the Atlantic ocean so most weekends were spent there in some way. I kind of miss being that close.
  • BUT ANYWAY, let’s see, what else is going on around here? Oh, the construction is still annoying the heck out of me. I am forced to park in this other lot now; the one where everyone else parks. THAT’S why I stopped; I don’t want to be social in the morning.
  • I’m out of sorts during weeks when there’s no school. Summer B session begins Monday but all this week, I have time to myself, time to prep for my course and just organize. It’s really nice but also, kind of weird.
  • Elliot is back to being scared at night. Last night he’d gone to bed and I was out in the living room and yet, we carried on a conversation. I told him that his bear (which is a pretty large stuffed animal) protects him while he sleeps. We went back and forth about why he was safe and now nothing was in his closet and eventually, I didn’t get a reply and he’d fallen asleep talking.  It was actually sort of adorable.
  • We have a ton of things coming up next week: the release of Diablo 3 (Yes, I’m taking the day off to play a computer game!), Elliot’s VPK graduation and the pool party that follows, and then on Friday, we go to Wild Adventures as part of the end of school. It’s gonna be crazy busy!
  • I’m ready for a real true vacation though. Mid-june, baby: Disney hotel! (And maybe one of the parks, depending.)
  • Ok, that’s what I got. Oh, besides this:

Alexandre Cavaliere

MMMM + Somewhat of a weekend recap

Oh Lordy… I’m here… yes, I am here. I made it to work. Sometimes I leave a little early so I can run in the afternoon but since I managed to skip my Sunday run, I vowed to run in the morning. It actually worked out pretty well. On Sunday afternoon, we took the kids to the park but then a fierce storm blew in. I made dinner while the yard got the rain it so desperately needed and then the dark creeped up on me and I missed my running window. Ash ended up going around 9 and when he got home, we watch Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

But backtracking, on Friday, we took our half day but picked up Elliot, had burgers, then saw Avengers, which might be the best movie I see all year, though Dark Knight Rises comes out very soon, so we shall see! I kind of can’t remember the rest of that night. Saturday was hanging out and the sprinkler and then the kids had a babysitter so we could go out for a friend’s 40th birthday. More about THAT tomorrow in Random Tuesday.

And that brings us back to Sunday.

And now it’s Monday and I ran around 7:45, got home and showered, picked up breakfast, and got into the office at 9.


For this week’s theme of music from another country, the first thing that came to mind is MC Solaar, from France. When Ash and I went to Paris in 2001, we went to the big-ass Virgin record store in the mall under the Louvre and picked up some random CDs. This was one of them.


Friday Confessional – Avengers edition


I confess… I have a literal ton of things to do this morning; I am getting them done little at a time but I realize I need some info from people upstairs. And you know what? No one is there! Slackers.

I confess… I took Zoey to the vet yesterday because she was due for her annual shots, and it turns out she has some kind of liver disease. The vet said it could be just genetics; there’s nothing we’re doing wrong. But I do kind of feel bad for her. I mean, once I had kids, the dogs definitely have become second class citizens in my house but I still love ’em. I don’t want her to suffer. They prescribed something and she starts on it today. We’ll see how it goes.

I confess… I have to be super good with money this paycheck because it’s a normal one (no extra job pay) and I have to save for the mid-month check which is gonna suck. It also falls right around a time when we have some extra expenses (Elliot’s end of year party at an amusement park, for one.)

I confess… I still really want to go shopping though. Isaac needs some new blue shoes (he’s wearing hand-me-downs from Ell and theys have holes!) and I want some new shorts. And a bracelet.

I confess… I also really want to get my hair cut. I was going to donate to Locks for Love too, but now I am afraid that in order to get the required 10 inches, my hair might be shorter than I want. We’ll just have to see!

I confess… I had to give one of my students an F this semester. The situation is complicated but all in all, she pretty much deserved it. But I keep waiting for the fall-out. Will she contact me and be mad about it? Irregardless, she had 10 absences in a course that allows six. And I sometimes even give leniency for seven.

I confess… I am getting a pedicure tomorrow and I cannot believe how excited I am. I am no stranger to a good pedi but it’s been a long time coming. Between money and time, I have not gotten out often enough. This one will be amazing.

I confess… I rag on Toms shoes all the time but since I have been wearing equally odd Vibram FiveFingers, I think I should lay off the Toms people. I still think they’re ugly as hell but then again, sometimes Vibrams are called Gorilla Feet. So there!

OK folks, what is it you’re confessing??