Friday Confessional – Let’s Blow This Popsicle Stand


I confess… I posted something on Facebook yesterday that may have pissed some people off but this video speaks for itself. My accompanying text was: “The next person to tell me they can’t run gets a swift kick in the pants.” Seriously, watch the video and you too will be amazed!

I confess… I really hate TV commercials where everyone sings a song and they look really freaking happy. For example, anyone seen the new Little Cesar’s commercials? Awful. Just awful.

I confess… I was not happy with my weight at the doctor earlier this week. I was either having a bloated day (likely) or had added muscle lately (also possible) but it was higher than expected. I ate better after that visit and I ran harder, even though it’s been pretty toasty around here.

I confess… I have really been playing the hell outta my Pandora Jimmy Buffet station. I am so So SO ready for a vacation. I need some time away. I had no grading this week but for the next four weeks I will. Luckily, we’re going to the beach tomorrow, Disney in June (possibly just to the hotel but hey, pools!), and then Ash and I are going to the beach in July, just the two of us. But the thing about vacations is that you always have to go back to reality. In the meantime, the waiting isn’t so bad. There’s the excitement that builds.

I confess… I haven’t been keeping up with my bank account, like, at all this week. I think I’d better go check on it, just in case. Normally, I check it constantly!

I confess… I did nothing last night. I made dinner (the ever popular classic, Hamburger Helper. You know how we do..) and then I laid down to get rid of a headache while Ash put Isaac to bed. They started a movie (Planet 51?) and then I watched about half that, did dishes, and went back to bed to watch TV and eventually fall asleep. So lazy!

I confess… I jumped the gun on my July beach vaycay. I bought a LivingSocial deal for two nights at a Cocoa Beach hotel and it looked GREAT! SO the next day, when the voucher was usable, I made my reservations. Well, later that day, I started reading reviews of the place and um, it sounds terrible. Now if you recall, last year, we had a not so pleasant hotel experience in Daytona. Though some of the reviews basically said, “Ignore those other reviews; we had a great stay!” I was not willing to risk it. SO, I called Living Social and they gladly refunded me and then I canceled my reservations. I was pretty sad about it but I think we may have found a better place now!

6 thoughts on “Friday Confessional – Let’s Blow This Popsicle Stand

  1. Sounds like you have some fun stuff planned. The waiting can be fun, but the closer it gets the harder waiting can be.
    I’m just hoping for more consistent weather. We have been cycling through 70 degree weather and 50 degree weather. It’s not so fun.

  2. I love that video, I cried giant alligator tears and posted it on Facebook too :D!
    Vacations sound like so much fun.. I am so ready to go to the beach haha! One day soon if the weather starts looking nicer. Hope you guys find the perfect hotel to stay at!

  3. Oh wow, we are on the same page when it comes to needed/wanting a vacation to a magical oasis, ASAP!! AND, we are in georgia, and want to take our first ever trip to Florida, we hope somewhere along the Gulf, just for a weekend stay, and i am also obsessed with reading reviews…and looking at guest taken pictures of places, those are the best tellers!!

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