Friday Five – the only one

  1. I am the only one in the office right now. I planned to work 7:30-1 today but I was surprised some of the other early folks didn’t beat me. It’s definitely weird being here alone but I know at least one person is coming in today so there’s that. Hopefully I don’t get spooked when I hear them walk in!
  2. It was nice to make it to homebrew club last night, after having missed last month. We had a nice time and tried some cool beers. Deep still had their Cinco de Mayo ones on tap so we had a habanero IPA and a jalapeno sour. That one, surprisingly, was better than the IPA, which brought a bit too much heat.
  3. Ash is stressed about money now that we’re about to do this new roof and with our oldest getting his license in September and that added insurance payment coming up. I get it, I am too. And my fears must have transformed into my dream last night but it didn’t make any sense because I went back to work for TCC making 1/3 of what I do now. That’s not right! I have no idea why my brain would conjure that up other than as a cautionary tale of “Well, it could be worse!”
  4. I guess I am low-key stressed too but moreso about this weekend: 9:30 and 12:30 soccer games and then Dakota performs at 3 and 6 for her final dance recital. She has dress rehearsal tonight at 6 as well. I know we’ll get through it all just fine but you know how it goes when you’re rushing around. Also, when the heck does one eat during that schedule? You know we don’t do fast food. Possibly in for concessions at the soccer fields I guess. I know the kids will love that.
  5. No real plans for Mother’s Day other than I said I am not cooking. Originally we’d said then said order pizza but then Ash suggested going out but then I feel bad if he doesn’t want to spend money, you know? Plus, picking a place that makes every member of my family happy is difficult. I guess I’ll deal with that Sunday!

2 thoughts on “Friday Five – the only one

  1. Yep, maybe that dream was a reminder. It can always be worse!
    I closed last night at work, spent the last two hours solo since we’re in a lull. It was actually really nice.
    Happy almost Mother’s Day.

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