Friday Five – It’s been a long seven weeks

  1. That’s right: I have completed (after today) seven weeks of Session. Pretty crazy because it seemed like it would never arrive, then never end, and now, only two more weeks. Rough schedule ahead though: lots of out of office work (or at least, monitoring in case a bill comes in) and could be late nights. They have a special order next week with 90 bills on it. Thursday’s was 68 but they finished by 4:30 so here’s hoping!
  2. This weekend? The one ’bout to happen real soon? We have NO plans. Aside from one soccer game Saturday, NONE. Sure, I’m going to take a water sample to the pool store and probably tackle the algae problem. We’ll probably clean up in the yard and watch some movies. But I really have no other plans. I am really excited about that.
  3. It’s already a crazy day in the office; I’m settling in for a 7 pm leave time, since I already got one floor amendment for Tuesday’s SO. It’s cool; I’m wracking up the comp time and cannot wait to begin using it. I did an analysis of how many trip hours I have on the books versus how many hours I will have accrued and it does seem like I’ll be fine, with extra to spare. Maybe even about 40 more than I need. Though those will go quickly if I take a lot of half days. Thinking more like doing six hour days and only using two hours here and there.
  4. I asked my friends if they want to do something this weekend and one seems game and is relatively free but I’m waiting on the other. She’s usually the one who holds out, is reserved in saying yes right away. In some ways, this hinges on her because they have the newest pool so there’s a chance we get an invite there. Mine isn’t warm enough yet!
  5. I find myself actually motivated today at the same time as I am daydreaming about not being here and unfettered by things I HAVE to do. As an adult though, do we ever truly have a time when we have nothing pressing? Not really, no. But I accept that. Happy Friday!

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