Wednesday ‘Podge – Events, tea, etc…

1. Last time you drove/flew 500 miles (ish)? What’s a place you’d like to visit that lies approximately 500 miles from your current location? 

Well, it’s farther (about 680) but we drove from Pensacola to Arlington, Texas in December. A place I’d like to go that is about that far (ok, around 450) is Ashville, NC. We were going to go for an anniversary one year but it was still lockdown times and I didn’t know how much would be open.

2. Tell us about a time recently it felt like you were ‘racing against the clock’. 

I mean, in a way, every day. I always feel in a rush when I leave because I’m trying to squeeze in as much time at home and with my family between late work hours and when it’s bedtime.

3. Have you ever attended any really large sporting events? What was your impression of the experience? 

The Superbowl, The Kentucky Derby, The World Series, FIFA World Cup, The Indianapolis 500, The Daytona 500, The Olympics, The Masters, Wimbledon, The Boston Marathon, March Madness, Tour de France, Monaco’s Grand Prix, The Open (golf), The Ryder Cup, The Stanley Cup Finals..of the events listed which would you most like to attend in person? Or maybe one that’s not listed? 

We went to a Cowboys game in December and it was really cool! We had a pretty good time and it was an overwhelmingly large venue. I’d been to pro games before, as well as NBA games, and they’re always a blast, even though it’s crowded and expensive. Of those listed, I want to see a World Cup game for sure! We have been trying to figure out how we can and next time, when it is in North America, that is the plan. I have been to the Daytona 500 multiple times and that was always pretty neat too. Loud!

4. Are you an iced tea drinker? If so, do you drink it year round, or only in the spring and summer months? Do you make your own or buy it bottled? Sweet or unsweet? Flavored? Lemon or no lemon? How about a Long Island Iced Tea? 

I used to but I don’t drink anything outside water and beer now. My mom used to make iced tea all the time and we’d add lime; so good. On my dad’s side, they were sweet tea drinkers and it was so yummy but I can’t do that anymore – simply too much unnecessary sugar. No to Long Island iced tea; I don’t even much care for mixed drinks.

5. April 20th is Volunteer Recognition Day…do you volunteer in some way? Tell us about it. If not, tell us about a volunteer you appreciate. 

No, I really just don’t have time. I am sure I could make time but I don’t know what I’d even do. I guess I always appreciate the people who volunteer to help with races whenever we run them because they pick up stuff and man water stations and that’s always helpful.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I need to stop using the countdown to the end of Session as my mantra because even though it is nice to think we don’t have too much longer, it also makes time pass slower, somehow. But it will pass at the normal rate and before I know it, we’ll be done. The members will be gone, the elevators will be usable again, and I won’t run the risk of rolling over crowds of people downtown. And it’ll be really nice when the college kids leave too. When the first six week summer term begins, the town practically empties itself of youths and the difference on the roads and on that side of town is noticeable.

I was at least pretty productive when I got home yesterday: got salt in the pool and brushed it down; got the kids going on their weekly trash and my middle mowed the lawn. He’ll have to do it again, probably, before next Thursday when we have our NFL draft party. That’s also take your kid to work day and he’s coming with me. Should be…interesting.

12 thoughts on “Wednesday ‘Podge – Events, tea, etc…

  1. I think there are seasons for volunteering and now is probably not your season. You have a full plate, but someday there will be blank space again and you can decide how to fill it. Now, about’s a beer drinkers paradise lol. We live not too far from there (less than an hour and a half) and we especially enjoy Sierra Nevada. The facility and setting is spectacular-they spared no expense, it’s on the outskirts of town, but if you go don’t miss! And there are loads of great breweries in town too. Traffic in Asheville is Ka-razy, but it’s a fun place to visit. I hope you get to reschedule!

    1. My husband went for a conference a few years ago and they stayed in the ONE downtown hotel AND he got to tour Sierra Nevada so yeah, I definitely want to go and experience that!

  2. Oh, so you got to see the new AT&T Stadium while in Texas; I’ve only ever flown over it. Texas is still my ‘heart home’ but there are so many places waiting to be seen. Ashville, for instance, is on the short list!

  3. I must confess I am somewhat lost. I found your blog via the A to Z challenge but I cannot figure out which post is which letter. And where do the questions you answer come from? Help.

  4. World Cup is being shared with USA, Canada and Mexico in 2026. They’ve announced the venues already. In total, 16 cities will host matches. Most of them (11) are located in the USA: Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami, Boston and New York. The Mexican headquarters will be in Monterrey, Guadalajara and Mexico City.
    Hope the rest of your week goes well!

  5. Hi,
    I think you are doing a great job of what you need to be doing. 🙂 Volunteering comes with seasons of life. My volunteer work has changed has my seasons of life have changed. The Covid really changed things regarding to my volunteer work.
    A long story with it… but sadly due to the dictatorship attitude with a few folks, that particular program fell apart.
    Have a fun time taking your kid to work. 🙂

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