MMMM + Super fun/productive weekend

Y’ALL, I had such a productive weekend! But let’s go back; sadly, I did have to stay until 6:30 on Friday for committee deadlines but that’s ok. Got home and took a walk with two of my kids and then we mostly just listened to music for a while. Dakota danced and I just enjoyed not being at work.

I had grand plans for Saturday and they worked out well! I got up and drank my coffee then Dakota and I went to the grocery store early. It was already crowded since stores would be closed Sunday. Got home and did a few things before getting a pedicure at 9:30. Thought it would take longer but it didn’t so I grabbed my middle and we went to the shoe store, as I promised hm 2 new pairs for his birthday, which is forthcoming. Sadly, we didn’t find them but I got a nice pair of sandals and he found a cheap t-shirt. We then took him to get a haircut, where circumstances threatened to waylay my good plans but it all worked out. His barber was about to leave due to a sick kid but this other woman squeezed him in. THEN, we went home to grab my husband so we could go to Beall’s and get new semi-dressy pants and a shirt. All items acquired! And we even found the shoes Isaac wanted there.

At home, I got my skirt steak for carne asada marinating, then realized I needed more limes so I went back out and during that trip, finally got my car washed. The pollen here is insane and it had needed it a while. I got an oil change Friday so now my car is happy. LOL. After my errands, Ash and I milled grains for Sunday brewing and that was about it. I finally sat down to relax a little before having a beer and getting ready for dinner. Back in October, we’d made reservations for the Huntsman but that day got out of control or rather, kind of got away from us, and we ended up canceling. Well, I am glad we finally made it! We didn’t do the complimentary valet because it’s right near a high school with street parking so we just walked. I purposely picked as soon as they opened so it wouldn’t be crowded, plus, they had 4 dollar pints on happy hour. It was a very nice meal! Ash had antelope that came with potatoes and zucchini. I got the elk tenderloin and asparagus. We also split a side of garlic mashed potatoes. We finished it off with the darkest, richest chocolate custard I have ever had! I figured it would be a 200 dollar meal but it was actually less, so that was nice.

Ash and I stopped into Beer Stop and managed to find two black IPAs, which crossed another had-to off my list: commercial beer examples for our Brew Club style of the month. I was starting to stress about not finding any, given our meeting is Thursday. So yes, a very productive Saturday! We just came home and watched movies until I fell asleep.

Sunday I woke up to a very cold house! The rain from the night before made our temps plummet; the feels like was 46 and it was very windy. I had my coffee and started prepping to brew. Once Ash was up, we began on another milk stout. Just before going to the boil, I made guacamole and cooked the carne asada in the air fryer. I diced it up and we had authentic carne asada tacos, cilantro and all. My kids mostly liked it; my middle is not a taco person for some reason. Sad, since we all love Mexican! After all that and the clean-up, I finished laundry and some other cleaning stuff. The day sort of spiraled from there; we video-called with Ash’s family and watched Cry Macho, and then before I knew it, it was almost 8! Ash and I took a short walk then finished putting storage stuff up in the attic then we almost finished The Night Agent; one more episode! All in all, I feel like we really utilized our time well but alas, I am back in the office and with only four weeks left of Session, Members are going to really crack down so they can finish on time.


It’s a freebie week and I thought I played you guys some Bad Omens but maybe not? Here ya go.

5 thoughts on “MMMM + Super fun/productive weekend

  1. Your weekend was very productive. We had cool temperatures Friday and Saturday, too. Plus, it was rainy. Yesterday was gorgeous, though. Pollen is bad here mostly in the air, not laying on stuff too much just yet. That will come, though. Thanks for joining the 4M party. Have a boogietastic week, my dear!

  2. Having a great weekend is a wonderful thing.

    I’ve not heard that song before. I like it.

    Have a fabulous day and week filled with great music. ♥

  3. We are having an amazing stretch of weather for April – enough blue skies, and by the end of the week it’s going to be in the 80’s. Florida in the 40’s is definitely not fun. I knew the song from satellite radio. Alana ramblinwitham

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