Friday Five – One week down, eight to go

  1. Pro tip: don’t go to brew club, then another brewery for trivia, and then stay up until 1 am after waking up at 5:30 and working 11 hours. I am definitely not feeling my best today, and part of it is allergies. The pollen is out of control and my sinuses are all swollen. This weekend I am going to really work on me; using my neti pot, sleeping well, etc…
  2. Had a good time though; no complaints. We don’t normally go to Ology because I typically don’t care for the beer styles they make but we were meeting two other couples for music trivia. We kind of killed it actually; except one other team was just too good. But yeah, it was fun.
  3. I’m looking forward to mundane things this weekend: watching Isaac play soccer, doing laundry, going to the grocery store. The past two weekends we were traveling and that stuff was just not getting done. Admittedly, I keep thinking that I will get everything jammed in; refuse to say “one thing’s gotta go.” To me, that’s unacceptable.
  4. I can’t say I made it through the first week yet, as today is just getting started but for the most part, I have. Session is going to be long and grueling but the fact that we are already this far into week one seems shocking too. My coworkers say that this is an unprecedented (I hate that term, btw) start, in that the members don’t normally require this many rush amendments this early. So either they can’t sustain it or this session is going to be INSANE. Oh yay for me. /eyeroll
  5. I worry it’s going to be a long day; I’ve been here 45 minutes and it feels like hours. Meeting the family for dinner after work so at least I have that to look forward to. Happy Friday everyone!

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