Random Tuesday – Just brain expulsions

  • I see why people might keep a dream journal; half to see what the heck your brain conjured up and half just to remember them, since they fade quickly. Saturday night I had bad dreams I can’t remember and I woke up feeling bad. Sunday night, I remember it and woke in the brainspace of still being in it. I was with a bunch of friends (girls) and we were talking to these guys about metal bands. They didn’t believe we liked any of them so they kept naming more and more obscure bands and being sort of mean and judgy if we didn’t know them. One guy seemed to come to my defense. Then the dream shifted to me showing someone a Ghost video and saying how I know they aren’t metal and it’s ok if people judge me for it. I walked out of this area where I was looking at Nightmare Before Christmas themed humidifiers (??) and into a dark bar where a friend of mine was talking to the non-judgy guy and when I got in, she said, “I saved him for you.” Makes no sense, I know. Suddenly, I was walking into a large master bedroom and showing it to this guy, telling him it was my parents’ but my sister was living in it. I showed him a closet and then a larger closet, where we laid down and stared at each other while he told me he believed I was actually into metal music and he thought it was really cool. What a wonky ass dream!
  • I forgot my headphones today and I hate that because I’ve found I really like editing with music blasting. I kind of tune out the words and just work. I am so desperate that I’m considering buying some while I’m out running my lunch-time errand to the UPS store. We’ll see how the day goes.
  • Doing our normal Tuesday fast and I can already tell it might be hard. My stomach feels wonky right now. I know once I make it to evening I’ll be totally fine tomorrow.
  • Unlike every other high schooler (it seems) in America, my husband did not have to read Gastby so when I finished a week or so ago, he picked it up and then finished yesterday. He liked aspects of it, for sure. We then watched the Robert Redford version of the movie, which was better than I remember but nothing special. I have yet to see the 2013 Leo DiCaprio one so that will be our next watch.
  • We also watched the third episode of The Last of Us which, if you want to cry, go for it. They painted a very vivid picture of what it would be like to be alone and then find companionship.
  • In looking ahead to plans, I saw that this weekend we actually don’t have anything. Next weekend is insane though: Dakota has a soccer game then a girl scout cookie booth, then a couple hours later, we’re going to a friend’s son’s birthday party. The next day, we’re driving to Apalachicola to hit Oyster City, then make our way back towards Crawfordville by way of both Eastpoint and Sopchoppy to hit their breweries. We’ll end up at our friend’s Superbowl party.
  • Yesterday I played for you ‘Eternally Yours’ by MIW and I don’t know what it is but do you ever get hung up on one line in a song, the way it’s delivered? I can’t get over the way Chris says “I’m ready to lie but say I won’t.” It’s the way his voice is in that moment. ::shudder:: I might be broken; have problems. That’s ok. I’ve always been myself, regardless of what people might think. On that same point: I alternate between listening to the craziest screamy metalcore to the most disgusting flitty blackened deathcore complete with pig squeals…to the melodic sounds of Michael McDonald and Ambrosia. I’m weird and that’s ok.

4 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Just brain expulsions

  1. This is the third time I’ve written this since my computer keeps erasing it. About to throw it through a window. I was just about to post about my dreams (and taxes). Nice dream. Journals are good and if I kept one I’d remember last night’s for sure. I remember yesterday’s and will post about it.

    I liked Robert Redford version and not real fond of Leonardo baby’s version. Sort of a weird postmodern version. but I did play it for my freshman or sophomore English class at NMU. I loved the book. Some people just hate symbolism, but I love objective correlative Hemingway claimed he never used (not consciously like F. Scott). Came naturally to him.

  2. I’m weird and I’m okay with that. You and I are alike on that point.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. ♥

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