Writer’s workshop – “Man cave” or “She shed”?

I actually really hate the term “she-shed”, though admittedly, I would totally make myself a shed with just MY stuff. That being said, here’s the prompt I’ve chosen:

3. If you could create a “man cave” for yourself, what would it look like?

We visited a brewery north of Fort Worth this past December and on our way out, we drove through a cute little neighborhood and exited near a small strip mall with a store carrying nothing but decor FOR man-caves. How crazy is that? Also, how does that stay in business? Anyway, it housed all kinds of novelty items and I suppose for MY cave…

…It would probably be bright, even though the cave theme typically implies dark. I would want lighter color walls with soft lighting and the ability to make it cozier. I used to crave going to restaurants that had dark lighting. Think Outback or even further back, Steak and Ale.

…I’d include some novelty items but they have to be just so. I have a collection of Funko Pops but not just any old ones: wrestlers, some rock stars, and BBC Sherlock ones. I am picky about my figures because I think they’ve gone overboard with making them for every pop culture thing that exists. However, I’d also want to include novelty things having to do with rock and metal and probably beer. So imagine neon signs, plate metal signs, etc…

…I’d include the comfiest couches imaginable. Now, I don’t know exactly where I may find these. I used to have this dream where I had a small room with windows floor to ceiling on three sides and a HUGE couch/bed that fit, basically the entire room wall to wall except the entry. So maybe something like this?

My room would be dedicated to a space where you can get away or indulge in music but I don’t think it would have a tv. Maybe. If we’re being realistic, my husband would probably be in there too so he’d have a projector. But our living room already has one so, maybe not? I think the biggest thing, media-wise, I’d have are good speakers. I want to bathe in the music. If I am feeling summery and fun, lights on and yacht rock all day. If I am feeling moody, introspective, or angry, dark lights, nearly pitch, and some screamy metal growls.

In essence, my “man-cave” would simply be a get-away space where you could feel comfortable using it for many different things such as alone time OR a small party. I keep thinking about this time we attended a huge Halloween party and their basement area was part bar, part old couch hangout, and part stage, because the dad is a musician. They used to simply have what they dubbed their “basement jam” but then it morphed into a full-on Halloween get-together. I like the idea of that. I heard that after the band was done playing the songs they knew, they sat around listening to records until 1 am. To me, this sounds amazing. I’d definitely want that in my man cave!

5 thoughts on “Writer’s workshop – “Man cave” or “She shed”?

  1. Ha. Back when we were raising our kids, we had a carriage barn (we called it the “shed,” (not SHE-shed, yuck). My husband ran his business from the bottom (it had a full bathroom and we used it for guests), but upstairs I had built in bookshelves, a futon, a table, and a sink, little fridge. It was my writer’s loft and it had a really nice view across the neighborhood backyards. Then when my husband was working downstate, I was teaching and writing alone with my handicapped son off the grid in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The whole “camp” was my “room with a view.” I had a lot of physical work to do, hauling wood, clearing snow, fixing shit, but I loved it. We still have it, though now I live in our family home in the upper lower peninsula and I have electricity. I sort of have a room of my own. It’s a room my mom designed, huge, vaulte ceiling, french doors, woodstove. My husband still working downstate, but here on weekends and usually sleeps downstairs since he snores and I stay up way later than he does. I have a view of Grand Traverse Bay if I look at it and our deck. I miss all the bookshelves I had both the other places and most of my books are still up at camp. Which maybe we’ll get to finally this summer now that my dad has passed. Imagine a whole store dedicated to a man cave. Ha.

    1. It is interesting that society has come up with this idea that the man needs to get away when – as all moms know – it’s usually the woman. But everyone’s situation is different, I’m sure. I didn’t even think of a view for my room: if I had my druthers I would look out upon the ocean or gulf every single day. But that will probably never happen!

      1. The best was my camp. We had 10 foot windows throughout the living room and nothing but woods and our river for view. I miss that. So restful. 35 acres and hardly a person around.

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